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Guest Post Summer ButtonFor the next several weeks, Mondays will = Guest-Post Day! Woot! Exciting, yes? Why? Because it gives me a chance to feature some amazing bloggers you may not know about. There are so many. If you’re a blogger and would like to be featured in the coming weeks, please shoot me out an email mommaneedsabeer {at} gmail {dot} com. Vlogs are welcome too!!

Today’s featured guest is Andrea from Good Girl Gone Redneck. I feel I was meant to meet Andrea in person. When we both attended Type A Parent Conference last year, we kept casually running into each other in the halls, at the parties, and ended up sitting next to each other in a few really amazing sessions (and one really long one with incredible speakers… that I still feel guilty about leaving near the 3rd hour because my bladder couldn’t take another second!)

The run-ins between Andrea were no accident. We get each other, and subscribe to the same ideas she writes about here. So I’ll shut up now and let you listen to Andrea’s words.


Thanks SO much, Kelli, for letting me hang out at your place today! I’m thrilled to pop by and chat with all of your readers for a bit.


Blogging is a tricky thing.

We start off doing it for ourselves. Anyone who blogs has a need. A desire. A reason to write.

We share what we experience. Write about our every day.

We may share with some friends. We may not tell a single soul.

We read blogs, though. Oh, how we read them. We devour them. Maybe we comment. Maybe we don’t. We’re not sure we want ourselves to be seen out there yet. Can we say stuff anonymously? Should we? Will people actually click through to see who we are? Will someone we know in real life find out about our blog? Do we want them to?

It’s scary, man. Really scary.

So we keep on reading. Quietly. And then we think about our own words.

I’m not sure exactly when it starts, but we find ourselves comparing our work to that of other writers. Other bloggers seem so well-known. Seem to have friends out there in the blogging world already.

How does that happen?

And then we realize, hey, wait, we have some friends, too.

The same few people stop by and comment on our posts. We learn the blogging lingo. We stop back and post in response. We’re bloggy-friends now, aren’t we?

We are. And then we’re not. Or maybe we never were. But we learn. We recognize that there is judgment out there in blognia. Kelli’s recent postabout judging a book by its cover shares a few of her own experiences. I’ve shared some of my own, as well. I’ve talked about feeling unnoticed.  And I’ve gone so far as to admit that it’s kind of a babyish thing to feel, and yet, I’ve felt it. A big fat rejection leaves me “almost” crying in my coffee.

But I don’t really care. And yet I do.

Of course I do. Of course we do. Everyone cares when they feel rejected. Especially if they’ve put themselves out there.

It’s how we react to the rejections that make us who we are. And you know I’m not just talking about blogging here, right? This applies to everyday life and situations, too.

We can cry in our coffee. Our tea. Our ice cream. Our beer.

We can pack it up. Stuff all our thoughts and words back inside. Or pop them into a journal that never sees the light of day. We could do all of that, but we’d miss so very much if we did.

So, instead, we can pull up our big girl panties and move forward. We can be who we are, and tell people take it or leave it. We can write from the heart and know that the people who like us or love us will keep coming back to see us. We can put ourselves out there and find businesses and brands that relate to us and we relate to and make that incredible connection.

Or not.

We can put ourselves out there and decide it’s all good. We’re getting what we want out of this blogging schtick. It’s a platform for us to be heard. It’s a place to make good friends. Actual friends. People we might turn to if we needed an ear, a good cry or someone to laugh with. People from all over the country and world that find themselves connected to us over this simple thing called the Internet.

Or not.

Now, I don’t know about you – but I’m glad I found my way here, to this world they call blognia (does anyone actually CALL it that anymore? No? Just me? Well, then …), and to the friends I’ve made through it. And my plan is to keep at it. Keep sharing. Keep writing. Keep feeling. And if I make the right connections along the way, even better. But if I don’t? It’s okay. It’s all good. I’m here for me. And for you. Yes, YOU, gentle reader. Because your comments mean a lot and hearing from you? Whether you agree or disagree? You matter!

So come on by my place after you finish your visit here. I’d love to meet you, and I always have a bottle of wine chilling. Because THIS momma needs a time out now and then. And I’m more than happy to share that time with all of you!

Andrea is a native New Yorker living in NC who has become accustomed to wearing flip flops year-round. A licensed clinical social worker, she spends her time volunteering for various organizations to support many, and remind them that they are not alone. 

Andrea blogs at Good Girl Gone Redneck, where she shares the ins and outs of parenting and family, writing from the heart. She often writes about books because reading is critical to her everyday life. Stop by to connect and escape into her world for a bit.

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