Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween… or, um… day after Halloween. This year, Halloween lasted a little too long. We started celebrating 11 days ago! It was fun though. My family either made or recycled costumes this year… although the hubs didn’t wear a costume, he helped make mine for a costume party I attended this past Saturday. My costume took 3rd place and was a riot to wear!
Serious pumpkin carvers… 

Natalie’s design included the “flying” bat-nose. 

My home-made Towelie costume… so fun.

The cupcake fairy (made from Natalie’s dance recital costume with a few strategically placed cupcakes, she even had a cupcake wand!) and Super Sedona!

The girls loved Towelie! 
They wanted me to wear my costume trick-or-treating too. 
I could’ve, but the limited vision the costume provided was not a very good costume for Klutzy-Kelli to walk around in.
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