Happy Earth Day!

Joining up with my pal Alissa at Clever Compass again for her Friday 5 in honor of Earth Day today. Have a blog? Link up with us!

The word EARTH happens to have 5 letters… so here’s a little acronym fun! 

Eat locally.

  • Purchase your food from a grocery store &/or restaurants that support local farmers & locally grown fruits, vegetables… and BEER! When you buy locally, you are reducing the gas emissions it takes to transport the food, more of the money you spend actually stays within your community. Plus, it’s fresher! 


  • When you believe in something, don’t keep it to yourself! Share it with others; promote the many positive things you are doing for the environment & beyond with friends, family & even strangers today. 


  • If your city doesn’t have a recycling program, find out why. Here in Grand Rapids, recycling is free, and there are even places that will accept Styrofoam & electronics. Even though recycling is free in GR, we do have to pay for our trash… Makes sense to me. 

Trees are nice, plant one today.

  • The last 2 years, my family planted a tree on Earth Day. Hope to do the same today. Been so fun seeing them grow, as one we planted as a seedling, and the other, as a 5 year old tree. If you can’t plant a tree, why not pick up a nice plant for your home today? There are many benefits to house-plants; many can improve the air-quality, and even eliminate allergens from your home. 

H20! Drink your water out of reusable, non-plastic water bottles.

  • If you do still use plastic-bottles, I really hope you’re recycling them. Why should you stop using/purchasing plastic bottles? Plastic bottles take forever to break down, plus there have been many studies proving the residue in plastic bottles has been linked to impotence & cancer. If that doesn’t scare you into switching to a stainless steel water bottle, maybe a link to some fun water-bottles will inspire you to switch? 
Whatever you do to celebrate Earth Day with your family today, I hope you enjoy whatever Mother Earth has in store for you, embracing every moment you are given today. CHEERS! 

Clever Compass' Friday 5

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