Happy Monday to me!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA again… relapsed a bit last week (and still not feeling 100%) after surviving a pretty exhausting July 4th weekend. May post about it, then again, why would I when I have FUN news to share?!

 I just won a flippin’ contest!!

I’ve posted a few random quotes from Anne Taintor on my FB page recently; she makes some cool vintagey magnets, bags & other fun products and held a contest last week about “bad choices”. The winning story would win one of her products. Although I didn’t officially win, I DID get the only Honorable Mention for my story about my 21st birthday.

Here’s the link to the blog about the contest
My “honorable” comment: The night of my 21st birthday — and 2 days before I moved to Tucson, AZ with my new husband, I went to the bar with EVERYONE. and EVERYONE bought me a shot a the stroke of midnight, except for my Catholic mother & mother-in-law of course. Don’t know why they were there, but they were.After 6 shots, I passed the rest out to my husband & friends. But, 6 shots in 1 minute sent me directly to the bathroom 10 minutes later. My Mother-in-law decided to check on me, and when she did, a good friend came in with a big glass of water for me… to which my mother-in-law questioned (seriously) WHAT ARE YOU GIVING HER? And my good friend replied with a straight face: “Vodka, what else?!” Just to add to my mother-in-law’s shock & awe, I slammed the whole glass of water… and then appropriately vomited like a good girl. 12 years later, I believe my MIL still thinks I did 1/2 a dozen shots and an entire pint of vodka in a matter of minutes. Oh well!

So, today, I log onto FB to see MY NAME in this post: I won a

Anne Taintor Inc
 The BIG WINNER has been selected! Congratulations Mandy!! You earned it! But we also have a very special honorable mention to Kelli Williams! Both of you ladies need to send your mailing addresses to cs@annetaintor.com! Awesome! Please read all about it in Anne’s latest blog posting 🙂

Sometimes, it’s the little things that help get you through a rough stretch… making someone who I think is hilarious laugh is an honor to me. Some people win Oscars, I win flasks. 

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