Healthy Halloween Treat

Last year, I decided to get creative for the 
Kindergarten Halloween party snack 
I was in charge of. I ambitiously made 
Orange Jack O’Lantern Fruit-bowls.
They were healthy compared to most of the other junk they were getting — 
the kids AND parents truly enjoyed them. 
These festive orange bowls were officially a hit!
Time consuming, YES! 
But the end result was worth it. 
Orange Jack O’Lantern Fruit Bowls
You’ll need:
2 dozen large oranges
2 dozen plastic spoons (if you can find green, they will look more authentic) 
Diced fruit of your choosing (melon & pineapple seem to work best)
Sharp knife
Heavy-duty spoon
On a 45-degree angle, carve out a lid in the top 1/8 of the orange.
Remove lid, slice an X in the lid of the orange and place the plastic spoon through the X, so the spoon is hidden inside the orange, and the top of the spoon resembles a stem.
Carve out as much of the orange as you can with a heavy-duty spoon, set aside.
Carve out a face, using thin detail (so the fruit doesn’t escape out the eyes or mouth). 
Fill the hallowed orange with diced fruit.
Replace orange lid.
Repeat for each orange.
Get creative! Each orange doesn’t have to look the same. That’s half the fun! If you have older kids that are comfortable with a knife, this is a fun project for them to help out with. My 5 year old enjoyed helping me fill each orange with fruit and placed each lid on. Many ways to get the whole family involved with this fun & healthy treat.
Happy Halloween! 

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