Holiday Memories: Gina shares her story

My favorite holiday memory occurred on December 23rd, 2008.  I was due for Connor on December 28th.  I had my routine appointment scheduled, nothing out of the ordinary.  I took off from my house with a light snow falling.  I was so relaxed and laid back, no clue of what was going to happen in the upcoming days!  I thought, oh gee, I’m pregnant, I’ll be going to the hospital and come home with a cute little baby.  They will sleep all day and eat all night and life will be merry!  

I finally make it to my doctor’s office, and they do the routine checks of BP and proteins.  Oh no!  They are high, which are signs of a condition called pre-ecclampsia.  I was informed to go STRAIGHT to the hospital.  I was shocked!  I asked, can I at least get my husband?!  So I take off in my tiny Mazda, only to discover while I was in the office, two inches of snow had fallen!  I had to wait through 4 lights at the corner of Titabawassee and Bay Roads just to turn left.  It took me almost an hour to get home.  My nerves were all ready shot!

Needless to say, we made it to the hospital safe and sound, and my beautiful baby boy was born at 3:26am Christmas Eve morning.  Everyone was happy and healthy, and I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful, amazing Christmas present.

Thank you for letting me share!

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