Holy pants

You ever have one of those days where things seem to be falling into place?

Where you run a few errands with your kids, and they actually get along happily stop after stop?

Yeah, me neither.

I just experienced one of “those” days.

My kids were fighting & my youngest threw a major fit in the middle of a drug store. A fellow Mom actually stared at me while clutching her one well-behaved 8ish-yr old. Her judgmental eyes gleamed at me like I was stealing my kicking & screaming 4yr. I came close to saying “No, I’m not abducting this one — think you can do a better job than I am right now? Have at it.”

But that was nothing.

After the 2+ hours of errands, I went to pull down my pants to use the bathroom, and realized I had an enormous hole in my ass. And I was wearing hot-pink undies under this particular pair of black capris.

Oh yes.

I have no idea how long my pants were holier than thou. Maybe that judgmental Mom simply wanted to tell me “Hey, your fat ass ripped a hole into the pants you’ve been wearing every other day this summer.” I’ll never know.

I think all the good beer I’ve been drinking this summer has officially taken a toll on my ass… but ya know what? Worth every sip.

Sometimes, ya gotta put a little alcohol on it. And this was one of those times.

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