I am Woman: Hear Me Roar.

If you’re a Momma like me, the recent scandals at Penn State, and now, Syracuse have left a craptastic taste in your mouth. My mind tends to run wild when I hear news that puts children in danger, immediately fearing the what if scenarios, warping them into my own life; I can only take child-endangerment news in very small doses. Scandals like these are a worst nightmare for every parent, and makes me hug my kids a little tighter.

Mad Mom @ Frederick Meijer Gardens

Occasionally, news like this angers me and inspires me to write.

I try not to get super heavy on my blog. I enjoy having fun and I aim to emote that fun within this space. However, these recent scandals are just too much. As more and more seemingly powerful men are charged with sexual crimes, lighter posts I’ve written like Girls Like Beer and Football Too pop into my head.


Think about it.

All of these recent sex-abuse scandals occurred in “male-dominating” environments. You could even go back to the Catholic-priest scandals. I’m sure there are a few women on the sidelines of these situations (outside of the Bernie Fine’s stand-by-your-man wife, who just pisses me off like no end for remaining silent instead of doing something) But let’s face the facts here, maybe a few more [unrelated] women involved would’ve stopped the abuse from happening altogether. At the very least, maybe a cry for help would’ve been heard sooner. Most of these men who take advantage of these situations, turning innocent children into victims, have their own deep, underlying issues that they are too ashamed, or, maybe a little too – dare I say manly – to admit they need professional help.

Maybe if more women were involved in these typically male-dominating situations…

  • The cover-ups & secrets would very likely end — I don’t know many women who would turn a blind-eye to a child being harmed. 
  • Our children’s safety would become a higher priority than high-ranking men. 
  • The men with these serious issues could seek help before their issues affect innocent victims — do not deny the power of a woman’s instinct.  
  • We could find a positive balance of supportive voices.
  • The cycle of abuse would decrease, possibly end altogether. 
Women matter. Our voices are strong, but we need to speak out and stand up to be heard. The lack of equality from the football field to the Catholic church needs empowerment. This is the 21st century! Why is equality still something women are fighting for? Instead of being shocked or amused that I enjoy a good beer over a fancy-pants cocktail or that my daughter wanted to celebrate her birthday at a college football game, let’s find a way to balance these thoughts. Let’s find a way to end the judgement and understand that girls and women can be just as powerful as their counterparts. Maybe even more powerful. There, I said it. We grow humans in our bodies and squeeze them out of our ladyparts after enduring hours of torturous labor men can’t even fathom… I think we can handle just about anything. 
There are already awesome women running breweries right here in Michigan. It’s a beautiful start. Could a woman, a nun for example, run the Catholic church? I do believe she could. Would a woman be a fantastic football coach? ABSOLUTELY! Maybe, just maybe, if women started kicking down the doors to these “men-only” clubs, we could become powerful enough to balance out and even diffuse these gender wars. We are strong, we are invincible… 
Are you a woman? How do you deal with “men-only” situations? How are you kicking ass and taking names? 

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