I Was a Senior Hottie

I’m somewhat reluctantly linking up with A Belle, A Bean, and a Chicago Dog 
for her #SeniorHottie 2012 contest. 

Have you heard about this fun little contest?

Where you post pictures of your senior year of high school? 

My senior year was 1994-95 and wow. 
That was *does math*… half a lifetime ago!
Shit. I’m old. 

But before I learned how to deal with my curls without bangs… 

Before I knew what a tweezer was…

or how to smile without showing allllll of my teeth…

and before Angelina popped her leg, I did.
That’s right, bitches! 
I *heart* Angelina AND her leg… but I did it first, dammit! 

I still love my prom dress, even with the completely dated gold & diamond-like straps & matching gold shoes; it kills me that I can’t find it anywhere. 

I don’t have very many pictures of my senior year, unfortunately. 
The bedroom I lived in during my teenage years was in the basement, and the summer after my senior year, our basement flooded. My senior pictures, yearbooks, everything I ever saved was gone. My prom-dress was probably destroyed in the flood too and I blocked it out.

Thanks to facebook, I’ve been able to rediscover some gems… and let’s face it – hold my breath – when I’m tagged in old-school photos. Here are a few more from my senior year…

Me and my then-boyfriend as Kim & Conrad in the musical Bye, Bye Birdie. 
Dare I say I’m popping my leg, sans-slit? What a trend-setter, huh?

Here’s me at the Bye, Bye Birdie cast-party with my then boyfriend… and still current best friend. 
Kel & I just met a few months prior to this photo being taken. We bonded instantly in our select 15-girl 6:55am choir, and the musical solidified that bond. Today, she’s the Godmother to my oldest, and still someone I know I can always count on. 
I look terrible in this photo… yet, Kelli (yes, we share the same name) looks ad-or-ab-le!!! 
The next photo is a real doozy and quite possibly the most embarrassing picture of the lot… 

That’s me wearing a bathing-suit over shorts (wtf?) and a hat [I never remember owning] to collect my choir’s winning trophy with my then-boyfriend (yes, I had two boyfriends my senior year of high school… I was such a slut, huh? HA!) at the North American Music Festival in Atlanta. Can I go back and ask my 17-yo self why the hell I chose to wear a bathing suit to an award ceremony??
A few days after I graduated high school, I was cast as the lead in Gypsy, and my love interest? 
The hubs. 

Yes, the picture quality sucks, but… 
How sweet are we as Lousie & Tulsa? 
I will always cherish this.
Even if I was still totally dating someone else (see prom & choir photos) at the time. 

Jump to today… and I look more like this:
Oh wait, maybe you’ll recognize me better with a beer or two in hand… 
Yup, still a dork.
And the hubs & I? 
We still make music together… 
and created this family… 
 Guess I still need to learn how to cut back on the toothy-smile. 

Wanna join in on the fun? 

Grab your photos from your senior year of high school, 
grab a photo of yourself in the present day & LINK UP!

I Was a Senior Hottie: Then & Now runs through midnight on May 20th

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