Inspired by Type-A

After popping my cherry on the biggest conference of the year in 2011, I knew I wanted to attend a conference this year. I asked fellow bloggers which conference I should attend if I can only afford *one* conference. 

The overwhelming response was 

Type-A Parent Conference. 

Everyone claimed it to be the best all-around. The community, the speakers, the content… Type-A is
the conference you should attend if you want to get the most bang for your buck. 

@AlissaEnders & I on the Charlotte PhotoWalk

I was skeptical, would I really connect with people like me? Would I really gain relevant knowledge from the sessions? I mean, I made some connections at that big conference last year, but it was such a large event that was overwhelming & felt a bit cliquey at times. I didn’t want to attend another high school reunion. My fellow bloggers continuously assured me that Type-A was different.

They were right.

Even though my anxiety grabbed me by the balls and didn’t let go for the first few hours… something happened to change that. 

I heard a familiar voice standing in line to check-in behind me.
Alissa from Clever Compass & I attended high school together. She drove in with Jen from Hey Y’all… and I was immediately granted two hugs. One from a familiar face, another from someone I had only known virtually. The hugs continued throughout the weekend… from old friends, friends I had only known from their words & avatars as well as new friends. 

This community… is amazing. 

I felt so lucky to be surrounded by people who get me. No one tilted their head to the side to say “Oh, you’re a blogger? Cute.” and proceeded to change the subject. 


On the flip side of that coin, no one judged me for only having a certain number of followers either. We were all different and unique in our own way, but we shared a common bond. We were all attending Type-A to connect and learn from one another.

I could go on & on about it all: the sessions, the parties (like the 80s party where my Just Dance Team Run B.L.O.G. took home the winning title!!) individuals who knocked my socks off. Instead, I’m going to share pictures & a few quotes from the notes I jotted down over the 4 inspirational days.

“Do something that scares you. It’s how we grow. If you’re not growing, you’re actually shrinking.” 
Chris Garrett, Opening Keynote. 

“When you’re looking at the competition, clearly articulate why you’re different. Go beyond what the competition covers.” 
@TimeDog & I bond over a beer

Ellen Gerstein & Amy Fandrei, Crafting a Book Proposal Session.

“Choose discomfort over resentment; know your worth & ask for it!”
~ Jessica Rosenberg & Grace Duffy, Pitch & Pitch Back: Powerful Tactics for Landing Gigs.  

“Tag companies you want to work with by pinning their products & images.” 
Kelby Carr, Pinterest: From Inspiration to Driving Traffic. 

“Think of tags, labels & categories as recipes, like chicken, fish, etc. Fewer categories = more authority online.” 

“Everyone has big problems, is the little bites of life that matter.” 
Tanis MillerWe Still Blog Keynote

“Page-views are less important than community when it comes to influence.” 
Cecily Kellogg, We Still Blog Keynote

“Motherhood is not math, it’s music. There’s no one way of doing it right.” 
Katherine Stone, We Still Blog Keynote

“There is no room in your life for people who make you feel bad! NONE! If you get to a place where you want to give up — give ’em hell & live to fight another day! Know what’s important and let the rest go.”
Rene Syler, Closing Keynote: Harnessing Your Superpower!

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