Keeki Pure & Simple: Review & Giveaway

This past Christmas, my girls received some very special nail-polish in their stockings. The hubs & I have done our Christmas shopping for the kids at a local toy store the last few years, and as we were checking out, the adorable packaging, bright, fun colors and words “organic nail polish” caught my eye. The hubs rolled his eyes as I grabbed a bottle of Pink Frosting and Sugar Plum for my girls’. “Don’t we have enough for them at this point?” Typical, huh? I raved about how we were supporting a local store, and how the polish was made locally as well (right here in West Michigan!) not to mention, organic — and even the packaging was earth-friendly. What wasn’t to love?

What I enjoyed right off the bat was the lack of smell. As in, no smell at all! I’ve used nail polish on my girls in the past, and they have complained about the chemical smell. And occasionally, when I’ve painted my own nails in my room, the smell would give me up, and then I’d have to do their nails too. Aw, man! You found me! If I worked in an office, I would be all over Keeki’s nail polish for random touch-ups during a lull. Heck, you could paint your nails on a flight to somewhere warm! But the polish was also super easy to apply, and the colors were bright in just one coat. What toddler is going to allow you to put on 2 coats? Not mine. But my 6 year old did sit for one solid coat followed by a tooth-picked-painted-coat-of-polka-dots. As seen in the picture on the right.

After having fun with the 2 colors we had, I checked out Keeki’s website to see what else they had to offer. I found 16 colors of nail polish, including glow in the dark polishnatural polish remover and lip balm!!  They also had a base & top coat polish that perked my interest. My fingernails are awful. Other than when I was pregnant, they rarely grow, and when they do, they are weak & brittle, breaking easily. I rarely polish my fingernails just because it seems to make them even weaker. But Keeki’s top & base coat were so easy to use, absorbed very quickly, plus it helped extend the life of the nail polish, preventing chips! I’m excited to see how this will affect my short nails long-term. The remover worked really well too, again, very low odor, and little effort to take the polish off. Love the whole Keeki nail-polish line.

I also had an opportunity to try out a few of Keeki’s lip-balms. I’m a lip-balm SNOB and addict — ie — super picky! Keeki offers several options for your dry, winter lips. Shimmery and simply balm, with flavor. The shimmer-balm is nice. Gives you (and your kids, if you share… HA!) a very subtle sparkle, and they even offer a couple with tint. I love the Cheeky Shimmer because I can take it with me (it comes in an oval-shaped tube that fits in your pocket perfectly!) I can add a little tint to my lips whenever I’m on the go… which seems like always. Not a lot of flavor with the shimmer balms, but better than a waxy taste, that’s for sure. I also really enjoyed their Root Beer Float Lip Balm. It doesn’t have a waxy taste or feel at all. Very soothing on the chapped lips this time of year, no tint, but a pleasing scent and taste that took me back to summers at the old drive-in A&W in my home town. The hubs enjoys using the Root Beer balm too! I’m glad it’s USDA Organic — because my youngest likes to eat it right out of the tube. Gross… but kids are kids.

I truly enjoyed getting this opportunity to review all of the products Keeki sent me! The people at Keeki are so awesome, they have offered to send one of YOU fabulous readers a similar package full of goodies! Even better, I just placed a banner at the top of my blog giving ALL of you the opportunity shop at this fun little store online — use the code momtake20 to get 20% off any item! See what I mean about how awesome they are?!

GIVEAWAY! All you need to do is comment below, including the following:
your name, email, and ONE thing you do to help better the planet. Some examples include: using a reusable, stainless steel water bottle, recycling, using reusable bags when you grocery shop, showering with a friend, etc.
One winner will receive: 
(1) Keeki Nail Polish Remover
(1) Keeki Nail Polish
(1) Keeki Top Coat Polish
(1) Keeki Lip Shimmer
Retail Value:  $35
Contest will end on Monday, February 7th at 5PM EST. Winner will be randomly chosen & notified via email. 


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