Lake Michigan = HOME

My dad’s side of the family owns a beautiful cottage on Lake Michigan. Every year, we would spend some time up there around the 4th of July. We would ALWAYS go swimming in Lake Michigan, even if it was freeeeezing. I’m not the greatest swimmer in the world, but I can hold my own, and I love to spend time in the water… I’m usually the first one in the water, and the last one to get out. 

 This year, we couldn’t go up to Manistee because the hub’s side of the family was having a reunion of their own… we (ok, I) wanted to try to do both. But, since my health hasn’t been so hot, we just went to Bay City for the 4th. (I still ended up overdoing it and felt pretty sick again for about a week – suckville) 

The Sunday we made this difficult decision, I was pretty bummed about it… so, around 4p, we decided to go to the beach. If I can’t spend time in Lake Michigan in Manistee, we can drive 40 minutes and be at Holland State Park. So… we threw some things in a bag, threw the kids in the car and hit the road faster than I think we’ve ever gotten ready to go anywhere! We played in the sand and the water (which was actually warmer than the air that day!) we even flew a kite. Great family late afternoon/evening together. Lake Michigan, the sun, the waves, the water itself ALWAYS makes me feel better. I almost feel like the water centers & cleanse my soul; I can breathe again. 

 If you haven’t been to Lake Michigan, please go. It’s clean, it’s fresh, the waves are not surfing waves, but they are FUN! The water’s been in the mid to upper 70s for the last month. I hate the heat, but that warm Lake Michigan water almost makes up for it. 

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