Let’s Camp!

This past weekend, the hubs & I took our kids tent-camping for the first time.
We actually purchased a 1975 pop-up camper from a friend when I was preggers with my oldest. 
But every spring, we would open the thing and would encounter one or more of the following:
A rabid army of big, black ants.
Need I go on?
Let’s just say… even after a yearly bleaching, we didn’t enjoy much camping in it. 
So last year, we sold it, and I used the money to go to BlogHer. 
Money well spent.
However, we still wanted to take the girls camping, so we used the hubs’ birthday money to stock up on a big tent & camp-mats (since every air mattress we ever owned left us flat on the ground at 3am).
A friend of ours works at a golf-course & campground just 20 minutes away from our house. We figured that would be the best place to go for our first test-run tent-camping experience. Because, let’s be honest, I wasn’t ready to teach the girls how to pop-a-squat when they needed to pee in the middle of the night. 
Yes, I’ve done it.
My vagina & I prefer indoor plumbing.
But, only when necessary… boys have got to be easier to take camping in the woods, yes? 
Our girls are 4 & 7, which I figured were perfect “camping” ages. 
They were so excited. 
I wasn’t thrilled about how hot it was last weekend. It hit 90. I am such a puss about the heat… I get bitchier with every degree above 80. But, it was dry, so it really cooled off nicely at night. 
I’m glad we went.
However, despite being relatively responsible 4 & 7 year olds, I had forgotten just how klutzy they can be. The girls just don’t watch where they’re going when they are on a mission to find… whatever it is they are exploring at that given moment. 
This was our biggest challenge of the weekend.
I felt like we were chasing 18 month-olds again. 
Keeping them out of poison ivy.
Keeping them from stepping right into the firepit of death.
Keeping them from falling into the creek.
Keeping bugs from biting them.
Keeping the sun from burning their stark-white skin.
Let’s face it, once your kids are old enough to know general limits around your house, yard, even family & friends’ homes – maybe around 2 1/2 – 3 years old or so… they are much easier to let loose… so you can relax, enjoy your beer and… let loose!
But since my kids weren’t accustom to things like poison-ivy and campfire pits, I had to turn into “that Mom” several times. It was not easy for this paranoid Momma to relax. 
But I have a feeling that it will continue to get easier as we camp more often… 
Do you camp with your kids? 
What do you camp in? Tent? Pop-up? RV?
Where do you enjoy camping? State Parks? Backyard? Etc?

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