Let’s Get Messy!

Today’s Capture the Everyday assignment is all about getting dirty. 
I live with two fairly neat little girls. 
They love to play outside, but don’t get dirty outside, 
although my youngest does enjoy digging in the dirt on occasion, 
she still does that neat. 
Don’t know how, is it a girl thing?
However, when it comes to certain foods 
like cupcakes, marshmallows… 
and even beans & salad, 
my girls know how to truly dig into their favorite foods. 
Enjoy the following moments I captured of my little messy eaters!
Sedona, @ 13 months, enjoying some beans.

Natalie eating an Elmo cupcake at her sister’s birthday party.

Sedona enjoying a giant marshmallow at our family cottage.

Mmmmm… ice cream.

Sedona is my little salad eater.
Will choose salad over just about anything else!

Capture the Everyday from AdventurooCapture the Everyday is about getting you to capture those everyday moments in your life! Each Thursday, Melissa @ Adventuroo will issue a simple challenge to capture something that’s a part of your daily life. It’s a quick, easy way to start capturing those little parts of life we sometimes take for granted.

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