Life Happens: Friday

Boy was I happy to see Friday this week. 
I’m almost always happy to see Friday, but since the bulk of last weekend was spent in ER & tending to a sick child, we didn’t get much of a weekend. Hoping to get a few more things done this weekend. Of course, I hope that every weekend… and I aim high, but keep my priorities low so we can focus on enjoying each other as a family first & foremost. 
Friday began as is usually does. Natalie gets up & dressed for school in the clothes I lay out the night before (trust me, this seems like a simple thing, but it’s a huge time-saver in the morning!) 95% of the time, Natalie wears her St Paul uniform, but since the Michigan/Michigan State game is this weekend, the Home & School Board sponsored a Non-Uniform Green or Blue Hat day.
The Green & White blood runs deep in our family. My Granni was on the fencing team way back when… and the hubs graduated in 1998. There are many family members in between. Rooting for UofM in any way shape or form is like riding a bicycle backwards… wrong. GO GREEN!
The debate of whether or not to get Sedona up was challenged yesterday morning. The hubs & Natalie tend to run late heading out the door, but Sedona’s been very vocal about wanting Daddy when she wakes up. I voted to let her sleep and then I’d deal, but the hubs veto’d me and got her up anyhow. She was very upset to be woken up… and to only get 5 minutes of snuggles from Daddy, but once Curious George started, she got over it and settled for snuggles with Momma… 
When I tried to drink my coffee (that was already starting to get a little too chilly for my taste), Sedona started to get a little silly… but typical. The girl loves coffee. I have a feeling I have a coffee-snob on my hands; she only knows french-press coffee. Yeah. But the following pictures depict the routine once my coffee starts to get a little cooler (she always asks if it’s “worm” or “hot“) then she points to her open mouth (I need a video of this… it’s so damn cute I can barely take it) and says please before grabbing my mug and taking a big sip. Always asking for another sip after she sees me take one. My 3yo almost always scores the last sip too.
I may need a bigger french press that serves more than 2 mugs soon. 
Next, we got dressed for the day. We had no plans, but getting dressed was important after staying in jammies almost all day Thursday. Sedona played with some toys on her bed while I got dressed. I know yesterday I mentioned that our girls don’t play with very girly toys, but Sedona’s favorite color is pink right now… can you tell? 
Sedona loves collecting little toys and putting them in different boxes. She likes to line them up, or put them to bed… it’s very simple, but adorable.
Next, I surprised her with the moon-sand set I hadn’t brought out in a loooong time. So long that she didn’t even realize we had moon sand. Oops. It’s so damn messy, but hey, it bought me enough time to finish yesterday’s post. 
I honestly prefer moon sand over playdoh though. It’s easy to sweep up & throw away and doesn’t harden and stick to carpet. 
Sedona snacked throughout the morning, but requested a nap early, around 11:15a. I wasn’t going to fight that since were doing carpool and have to leave the house around 2:40p. If she was going to get a decent nap, starting the naptime routine around then was perfect — because after all the stalling she provided, it was noon when I finally closed the door to her room.
While I thought about what I was going to make myself for lunch, I checked out the weather. We were having an Indian Summer with temps in the 70s & even 80s earlier in the week. I had to turn the air conditioning on one day! But Friday, fall had finally arrived. 

I looked outside (we have a nice little balcony off of our bedroom overlooking our backyard) to see a good number of leaves on the ground already and considered raking… 
Then I looked at how many leaves still needed to fall… 

And decided raking would be pointless.
But man, it was chilly out on that balcony! I wondered if I needed to switch the heat on… 

No need… yet. 
I did end up turning it on before we went to bed last night. 
I made myself eggs for lunch that I snapped a picture of, but I started to feel sick to my stomach a couple hours later, and I’m not sure if it was due to the eggs, or if I just caught a little of Sedona’s bug. My anti-nausea meds (I was so sick when I was preggers with Sedona I stocked up on zofran & still have some on hand) seemed to kick whatever was wrong with me and I managed to avoid sticking my head in the toilet. However, when I saw the picture this morning, all I could think about was an incident in 1999 with eggs that I’ll spare you the details on at this moment in time.
Sedona’s been sleeping very hard, so I had to wake her up (poor kid was woken up twice yesterday!) to pick up the kids. I actually picked her up and she remained sleeping until we almost got to the garage door when she asked “Where we goin’ Momma?” in her raspy little voice. 
While waiting in the carpool line — I thought for sure I was going to spill my cookies. I planned to take pictures of the kids and the chaos that is school pickup. I failed.
When we got home, I took my zofran and waited for it to kick in while the kids snuggled in the big recliner together with a after-school treat: marshmallow snowmen on a candy-cane stick. Yes, we still have candy-cane sticks from last Christmas. This is what happens when you store something in the back of your pantry. But hey, peppermint helps my tummy, so I offered the girls a fun treat. 
Happiness prevails.
Once the hubs arrived home, I was feeling better, so we decided to go out for dinner. We hit up Derby Station — remember my Beer Social I attended last month? This is where it took place. And my beloved MBC Screaming Pumpkin Ale was on tap — but no beer cheese soup. *sigh* I was surprised I still wanted beer after feeling so ill just hours before, but damn, that beer is good.
Here are some pics we snapped at dinner…

Sedona does this awesome lemon face (with or without a lemon) but it’s really hard to capture in a picture. Another need for a video. Man, I need a better iPhone. This 3G isn’t cutting it. PAGING SANTA! 

Natalie wanted a turn to make a lemon face (this is rare!) Love it.
On the way home from Derby Station, we realized we were out of beer, so we stopped at a liquor store, and look what Sedona found. No, seriously, she almost picked up the 6-pack that I nearly walked past. That’s my girl!
Seriously friends, if you like pumpkin-spiced anything — find this beer. I recommend drinking it in a pint-glass though; your nose needs to smell it as you drink it. It’s 10am on a Saturday morning, and I’m seriously considering cracking one open already. 
We were trying to calm the girls down to get them ready for bed, but for the first time in a week, Sedona had the energy to play “You can’t catch me!” which is when they run around the kitchen/living room. It’s been a favorite game for awhile now.
Remember how I said Sedona’s usually active? 
And what is this, the 3rd time I’ve mentioned the need to video? Yeah. Goal for the weekend! 
The hubs caught both girls… just before we got their jammies on and put them to bed.

Once the kids were down, we cracked open a couple of Screaming Pumpkins and caught up on the DVR… Grey’s Anatomy was so good I balled my eyes out several times. I know many men don’t get this, but a good cry is cleansing, and at times, necessary.
Thanks to Melissa at Adventuroo for coming up with this brilliant Week In My Life series! 

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