Life Happens: Monday

Why hello there, Tuesday! 
I’m happy to see you after a completely wild & crazy Monday.

This week, I’m linking up with Adventuroo’s Week in My Life.

I have a goal to post daily so you get a nice little peek into how things roll in my humble little home… we’ll see how well I do. If yesterday’s chaos is a preview of what the rest of this week will have in store, who knows. 
My day always starts with this

A banana and french press coffee is VITAL for my daily survival, but yesterday… oy. 
If only I knew just how important they would be.
We spent most of the weekend nursing our 3 yo’s fever. What we thought was a UTI initially sent us to the ER on Saturday morning, but when all tests came back negative — doctors chalked it up to a virus and sent us on our way. 
Sunday evening, Sedona developed a croupy cough, and although the fever would go down with meds, it would spike as soon as the meds wore off… and Sunday evening she complaining about a sore throat, ears & neck as well. So I called the doctor Monday morning so she could be seen, just in case it was yet another ear infection, strep… pneumonia?! The cough scared me, ok? 
They got us in an hour later, and we visited with a PA I had never met. Sedona was probably the happiest she had been all weekend, the ibuprofen had knocked down her fever, and her difficulty breathing was nearly gone. The PA looked at me like I was some sort of hypochondriac Momma who then glossed her over so quickly — and even though she couldn’t see into her right ear (it still contains post-surgical gel from her procedure in July… grrr) the PA “Didn’t know what to tell me” and sent us on our way after she was only with us for maybe 5 minutes. 
We stopped by Walgreens to pick up some more ibuprofen and a few other loose ends; as we walked through the store, Sedona seemed to get worse by the minute. We got home, and she would not let me go. As I got her ready for her nap, one-armed, she was just miserable, but you could tell she really needed some sleep. The thing is, Sedona was having so much trouble breathing, it was tough for her to sleep at all. She woke up about 15 minutes after I put her down. I tried giving her a breathing treatment (thanks to my asthma, we have a nebulizer) but it only made her more upset. So, I laid down with her in my bed, where our cat was already snoozing… and Sedona passed right out. 
Unfortunately, this peaceful scene only lasted another 15 minutes.
She woke up, struggling so hard to breathe. It was so frustrating. Sedona was also warmer than she was before, which seemed odd to me, since I had administered ibuprofen about an hour before this point, and it still hadn’t kicked it. I gave her tylenol and held her. 
The dishes in the sink?
 Oh well. 
The laundry piling up? 
Not gonna happen.
The documentation & countless pictures I was going to snap for this week-in-my-life project… well, what you see is what you get.
Most of this blogpost is all from my tired head. 
Notes I scratched onto my brain.
I headed out to pick up Natalie from school, and Sedona was not happy in her carseat as we waited in the pick-up line. But we survived. I needed to get some gas, so I promised her a gas-station slurpee (almost as good as the 7-11 original) which calmed her a down a smidge.
Sedona wouldn’t walk into the store, but she refused to wait in the car. I had to carry her, hold Natalie’s hand, and somehow balance & pay for 2 slurpees and a Starbucks doubleshot for moi. 
Eh, it sucked, but I’ve balanced more. 
As I got Sedona out of her carseat, I noticed she didn’t drink much of her slurpee — and she felt even warmer. I took her temp and she barely kept her mouth closed, let alone keep the thermometer under her tongue and the thermometer read 103.1. 
Why hasn’t this damn fever gone down?
I called the hubs, panicked. He didn’t answer.
I called the nurse-triage at the doctor’s office we were JUST at hours before. 
They told us to go to the ER… again. 
I quickly collected what I thought was important and ran out the door with my kids.
Somewhat related sidenote: I couldn’t believe how well Natalie took all of this chaos. 
She can be pretty demanding when she comes home from school. 
I’m sure I’ll have more about my oldest later this week. 

As I drove in the 4:30p rush-hour traffic, Sedona continued to whimper & whine, and at one point I looked in my rearview mirror and saw her thrashing and her eyes roll back into her head — she wouldn’t respond to me. I believe she had a fever-seizure. I lost it… and I have no idea how the hell I got to the hospital. I know I was watching my very ill 3yo more than the road. 
We were checked into a room at the Helen DeVos Children’s hospital 20 minutes after we arrived, the hubs met us there.  
The triage nurse decided to administer more tylenol, since she was still running a fever of 103.1, even though I gave her a dose 2 hours prior. 
Sedona was miserable. 
However, the rooms at the new Children’s Hospital are wonderful. 
TVs that contain more free movies than you can wrap your brain around, and the nurses are so attentive. The kids watched the Spongebob Movie, Curious George Movie and Tangled… yup. 
We were there for HOURS 
waiting for the fever to break, 
waiting for strep test results,
waiting for Sedona to urinate so we could avoid a cath,
suffering through Sedona’s ear irrigation… 
Good times.
I was smart enough to snag my laptop so I could work on a Clever Girls sponsored post that I had literally 24 hours to compose. It wasn’t easy to focus with all the interruptions and the random snuggles Sedona required, but I did manage to complete & post it, which definitely felt good to get something accomplished yesterday. 
After all of the tests came back negative, they checked out Sedona’s ear post irrigation and still couldn’t see past the damn gel. The doctor was on the fence about it being viral or an ear infection, but was proactive enough to give us meds to treat it as an ear infection and upped her dosage of ibuprofen & tylenol, then insisted we follow up with our pediatrician.
By the time we were released, it was 10:30pm.
I couldn’t believe how well my girls were doing though. We hadn’t eaten anything for dinner outside of the granola bars I was smart enough to pack. Natalie’s attitude came out when we walked into the door and demanded dinner… she got cereal. Like I was going to make a damn thing at that point!!!!
The girls actually went to bed fairly easily considering the situation. They are usually very routine about bedtime… but they both went down without much of a fight. 
Then the hubs & I crashed in our respective recliners, beer in hand, and somehow mustered up the energy to watch the last quarter of Monday Night Football where the Lions beat da Bears and are now one of 2 teams in the NFL with a 5-0 record… WHAT?! 
So happy & relieved the night ended on a positive note!!! 
What will the rest of this week have in store for us? Stay tuned… 

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