Life Happens: not our typical Tuesday

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To me, Tuesdays can be worse than Mondays. 
Sure, on Monday you can be wiped from whatever you did over the weekend, but you have that weekend buzz going for you. 
Tuesday seems soooo far away from the weekend. 
If Monday wore you out, Tuesday isn’t going to be a walk in the park.
But this Tuesday, in comparison to our Monday… wasn’t typical. 
The night was long. All 4 of us went to bed late, if you recall, since we were in the ER until 10:30p Monday. Sedona woke up several times throughout the night coughing, fighting the fever, and by the 3rd time the hubs went into Sedona’s room to comfort her, he decided to just crash in there. 
6am… Sedona was done sleeping.
Remember that french press coffee I mentioned yesterday? 
Very necessary.
Sedona usually goes to school on Tuesdays, but obviously… that wasn’t happening. 
Once we got Natalie & the hubs out the door for school/work, I did what I could to calm Sedona down with a few of her favorite shows: Mickey Mouse & Curious George. 
Then… something crazy happened.
Sedona asked to go back to bed. 
Yes, she was sick, but I can’t even remember the last time she took a morning nap. It had to have been at least a year or more! I wasn’t even sure if it would happen, but I tucked her in, she asked for me to sing “Better Life” which is her way of asking for “Here, There & Everywhere” by the Beatles. Then… she crashed.
I couldn’t believe it, so I hopped onto my laptop and started composing yesterday’s post and got it out just in time to hear her coughing/crying awake. 
Talk about timing. 
As soon as she got up, I wanted to be sure we got her prescription filled, since it was just way too late to do anything about it the night before. So off we went to Walgreens. I had showered, but had no makeup on and didn’t even change Sedona out of her jammies. She, for some reason, wanted to wear her new Minnie Mouse hat & mittens she picked up from Walgreens the day before… it was almost 80 degrees yesterday, but how could you say no to this face: 
Across the street from the wonderful drive-thru Walgreens was McDonald’s… knowing my daughter hadn’t been eating much, I thought that maybe, just maybe she would eat a happy meal. She perked up a bit. I have been trying to eat healthy myself — and those new fruit & maple oatmeal’s really do fill me up and hit the spot. Seriously, try it next time you go!
As I pulled into our driveway with our lunch, I noticed Sedona was burning up again. Ugh. She didn’t eat more than one apple, I even offered her my oatmeal, but she didn’t want that either. Just wanted to snuggle with me. 
Basically, when Sedona was awake yesterday, this is what she wanted:
Sedona is usually very active and doesn’t sit still for long.
I didn’t get a damn thing done during the day yesterday, but I got my allotment of snuggles.
Hard to complain about that.
Sedona did take another nap in the afternoon, and I was so grateful for the carpool we have set up, so I didn’t have to worry about picking up Natalie — she gets picked up on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Greg’s cousin (his mother’s identical twin’s son… follow?) lives about a 1/2 mile away from us and our kids attend the same school. It’s very nice to be able to help each other out. 
Natalie came home from school and Sedona woke up almost instantly. The tiny little break I had was over… and I didn’t do shit. Oh well. Sedona had been waking so easily and didn’t want her door shut, so  I didn’t want to attack the dishes in the sink or run washer/dryer — especially since all of those are an earshot away from her. 
Excuses? Sure, maybe. 
But, I was able to read & comment on a few other Week In My Life posts… and gush over a good friend of mine on FB who had a baby yesterday…
Isn’t he sweet??? 
Sedona woke up burning up again, so I stripped her down, held her and used a cold washcloth to bring her fever down. The hubs came home a little early to relieve me — this meant 5p. 
The hubs snuggled with Sedona (and his MacBook… shocker) while I caught up with the dishes, laundry & started dinner. 
Listened to a few tunes while I escaped doing chores in the kitchen. Music is weird… These two songs came on, one after the other. Remember how I said I escaped? Yeah.

I was surprised I actually had the energy to really catch up, but I did. Natalie worked on her homework (kicking myself for not getting a picture of her working so hard!!) 
Still didn’t make anything spectacular for dinner, but hey, whole-grain mac & cheese with broccoli isn’t terrible. 
Thought Sedona might eat this dinner, two of her favorites, but she still hasn’t eaten. 
At least Natalie happily ate it… 
The rest of the evening was pure routine: Sedona took a bath, Natalie took a shower, we snuggled in bed before I tucked Natalie in and Greg tucked Sedona in. 
Yes, I know I need to snap some shots of our bedtime routine. I will, okay? 
By this time it was 9:30p (too long of a snuggle!!!) So the hubs & I caught up on the DVR that was jammed packed with all of our Monday shows: How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls (I’m seriously loving this new show!), Two & a Half Men, Mike & Molly. I wasn’t going to list these shows, but I do love vegging out in front of the TV at the end of the day and maybe I’ll find this lineup to be super retro in 20 years. 

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