Life Happens: Saturday/Sunday

Whew! I made it. A full week of documenting my life with Melissa and several others at Adventuroo has been an incredible, eye-opening experience. Was it a lot of work? Of course, but if you’ve ever experienced writer’s block — having a full week of content to write about is a beautiful thing.

This weekend was a busy one, but giving you a full play-by-play would make for an extremely long post. Consider this a highlight reel.

The weekend was kicked off with a few jams…

But Sedona wasn’t super happy about the chosen song. 
Oh reality.
Natalie to the rescue…  
Dressing up is fun!
The big Michigan/Michigan State game kicked off at noon, so I tossed some meatballs into the crockpot. Here’s what it takes to make my meatballs awesome…  

Notable quote of the day:
Natalie, trying a meatball while watching the Michigan State game: 

“I don’t wanna pout about it, but it tastes disgusting.”
Although 75% of the time, I’m a short-order cook, making something for the hubs & I AND something completely different for the girls. It’s getting better, slowly. And we have a new rule for Natalie: she has to try something on our plates or else we’ll take away her plate, or snacks, or something. We need to get more consistent about it, but Natalie is getting better about trying new food. I just wish she wouldn’t always lie about her actual feelings about the food. The lying is challenging right now.

Onto the big game…

 Half-time roasted-red pepper hummus… and beer.

 Michigan State WINS!!!

But now that the game was over, it was time to do some fall-cleanup and take down our screen-tent/gazebo. 

 Sedona loves helping. I love that about her!
As you can see, Natalie isn’t pictured… enough said.

Sedona found a caterpillar. “He’s so little & cute!”
Then we had to find a place for the gazebo in our garage. 
You know what that means, right? Oh yes, impromptu garage cleaning!
The girls watched an hour of Spongebob while we did this.
Sure, they may have lost a few brain-cells, but I checked in every 10-15 min and they got along great! Natalie is a very good baby-sitter.
And look at the results here… if we had a full afternoon without the kids, we would’ve gotten more done and probably would’ve gotten rid of some of the JUNK in there, but just getting to this is a GREAT feeling!
Cleaning up the garage meant getting rid of some forgotten bottles & cans… and I was paranoid about what was growing or crawling around in those old bottles & cans so we went to cash in on those. $25! 
A successful & productive Saturday. 
So Sunday started out very lazy, Sedona slept in until 9:30am!!!! WHAT?! So we decided to put her down for a later nap & take the girls to a new sports bar, Cheeros, to watch the first quarter of the Lions. They have sushi AND pizza. YUM!! 
The hubs & I got a spicy tuna roll as an app pre-pizza.

 Natalie: artist.

 Chopstick drum-session.

 Can’t you feel the love?

Natalie took the picture of us… did a pretty good job, don’t ya think?
After the Lions lost… *boo* Natalie had been talking about a treasure hunt. So I came up with some clues and a couple of dollar-bin prizes and they had a blast… cheap in-house fun. I have a feeling this won’t be the first treasure hunt the girls embark on.

 Finding the buried treasure…

 Natalie’s treasure: a light-catcher.

What’s for dinner? 
I actually made something everyone could enjoy: pumpkin pancakes!

 A couple shapes I attempted actually turned out cute.

It’s a fish & a butterfly, in case you wondered. 
Then it was already bedtime… the weekend always goes by way too fast.
Thanks so much for joining me this week and for all the positive feedback you have passed along. My readers ROCK! Cheers to all of you!!! 
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