Life Happens: Thursday

If you’re just tuning in, I’m documenting my life this week with Adventuroo. If you blog, you should join in on the fun! We can look back on these days fondly in a year, or 20… 
This Thursday wasn’t anything super special. 
Sedona was still on the mend, so we kept her home from school again and just hung out in our jammies until afternoon. 
Played with playdoh, making a bunny, star & cat. 
Note Natalie’s school uniform drying behind Sedona 
Played in the messy basement playroom… that’s Sedona saying “Seriously, Momma, another flippin picture? Can I at least clean up this mess first?” ok, so she didn’t really say that, but look at that face. It was implied. Notice how the toys are fairly unisex? That’s not an accident. Our girls aren’t very girly when it comes to toys. There’s a huge dollhouse Natalie got from Santa almost 4 years ago not in the picture — Sedona occasionally plays with it. Natalie never did. Also pictured: Community Theatre Production of Jesus Christ Superstar promo poster, circa ’96. The hubs was JC & I was the “Maid by the Fire”… it was an incredibly fun show to be a part of, especially the summer we were 21 & 19. We were engaged later that year. Yup. I married Jesus.
But back to reality/present day… 
Sedona had a granola bar for lunch, and I called that progress.
Then, it was already time for a nap. Here’s Sedona getting ready for nap-time in my messy room… snuggling with Belle. Gee, think I have some cleaning to do this weekend?! It’s not like we’ve had an insanely crazy week or anything… housework is not a priority here though, generally speaking. #thereIsaidit.
If you know our cat at all, you will know just how sweet this picture is. Belle doesn’t really like people, but she’s learned to tolerate a lot more since the girls were born. Still, I wouldn’t recommend trying to pet her or pick her up. We should totally put up a sign like this in our house: 
Sedona went down for a nap fairly easily, and since I usually take a shower on days when everyone (including Sedona) leaves for school, I finally had a chance to shower at 1p yesterday. Sorry, no pictures of me in the shower… #noonewantstoseethat 
A quick word about my shower: I have learned to do what I can to do enjoy my shower since having children. I hate having to rush in the shower; my day seems to get off to a craptastic start when I have to interrupt that extra 20min snooze just to shower quickly. I try to shower when either no one is home, or the hubs is home as well. I wash my “important parts” daily, but I only shower & wash my hair every other day (sometimes every 2 days, lets be honest here) it’s better for my dry hair & skin. Only showering on these days means I can fully embrace the alone time in peace. I can’t afford a trip to the spa, but I can afford to soak in a long hot, uninterrupted shower a few times/week. I believe I’m a better Momma because of it. 
After my shower, I worked on some free-lance writing and checked in on a few of the awesome blogs that are participating in this Week In My Life project. Loving all the new connections I’m making. What I thought was going to be a ton of work has turned out to be a very fun experience. 
Natalie was brought home by the cousin-carpool and worked on her homework.
Then Sedona woke up fairly cranky and cruddy again, so I had to deal with her. Once Natalie was done with her homework, they sat in the big recliner and watched Olivia and Max & Ruby together. Missed that photo op… they are so cute when they snuggle in the recliner together :-/ While they watched TV, I started working on dinner: cajun catfish with beans, corn, green chiles & rice. 

I kept the rice separate for the girls and gave them a small corn-cob & rosemary triscuits so maybe Sedona would consider eating too… but she didn’t.

Natalie seemed to enjoy it though.
After dinner, the hubs & I repeated the evening ritual we did the night before: dishes for him, laundry for me. Then, while Sedona took a bath (so hard to get a good shot of her without her lady-parts) Natalie read a chapter of Charlotte’s Web. She is in 1st grade, but reading at about a 5th grade level. So happy she enjoys reading so much. 

While Natalie showered, I finished up the laundry and Sedona enjoyed laundry-basket races down the hallway with Daddy.
This could be my favorite shot of the week.
This concludes Thursday’s pictures. The girls got really cranky after this point which made the hubs & I more frustrated by the minute as we were exhausted as well. Once we finally got them in bed, we retired to the family room, watching Modern Family (we’ve been behind on the DVR all week!), Parks & Rec (Ron Swanson rocks my socks off), The Office & Whitney. Couch potato fare at it’s finest. 
More tomorrow… CHEERS! 

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