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Wednesdays are usually packed full of activity for us. Sedona has dance in the mornings, and Natalie in the afternoon… toss that in with school pick-up and it makes for a busy day.
Since Sedona is sick this week, I’m posting a picture from her class *last* week, just because I want to document it… I’m such a rebel, huh? 
Sedona was still fighting that damn fever & nasty cough yesterday, but actually slept in until 8:45am. Yes, people without children, this is a MAJOR sleep-in. I was able to work on my Week In My Life post while she slept in, although I didn’t get it completed & posted until later, I did manage to get a good chunk composed. I was also able to wish a girl I used to baby-sit for congrats for having a BABY the day before.
This picture makes me cry for a multitude of reasons… but I’ll just let you bask in the glow of the sweetness. Been a year full of babies around us… but not in my home, and that’s ok. 
In spite of the extra sleep, Sedona woke up cranky & warm again… begging for Daddy who was long gone. I somehow managed to get her calmed down on my own and we snuggled for a good hour before we had to get dressed and head to Meijer, where I had placed a grocery express order. More on that in a minute. The snuggles seemed to help Sedona and I could tell she was perking up a bit. She even asked for braids in her hair. 
The trick to getting french-braids into an active 3yo’s hair is to have them watch you do it in the mirror while they play with the water. Sedona isn’t very “active” right now, but I still used this technique, and hey, it provided me with a nice snapshot. 
Sedona still wasn’t eating, but I did convince her to grab a snack “for the road”
which… she didn’t end up eating. *sigh* But she was content watching It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown while we drove north to pick up our Meijer Grocery Express order. It’s only available at ONE Meijer in Michigan right now, which is about a 20min drive for us — however, totally worth it, especially during weeks like this. You place the order online (I actually have a default grocery list saved, so it really doesn’t take much time to add the extras) and schedule a time to pick it up. It’s $6.95 to have them shop for you… they bring everything out to the car, including a portable cash-register. They shop for you and load it all up in the car. All you need to do is pay — which I was happy to do with Meijer Gift Cards! Woohoo! 

On the way home, Sedona requested a slurpee in her raspy little voice. How could a Momma say no to a sweet/sick voice like that? She’s been on a slurpee kick lately, which I’m not super happy about, but the girl has NOT been eating, so I’m doing what I can to encourage ANY eating at this point. She chose my former comfort snack: Slurpee + Cheetos. 
I don’t feed my feelings anymore, however, I found some pleasure in stealing a few sips & bites. But I am proud to say that I did not get anything for myself at 7-11. 
Trust me, that’s huge. 
50lbs ago, I’m sure I would’ve found the excuse to splurge. 
I allowed Sedona to veg out in front of the TV while I unloaded the groceries… then I helped my neighbor who got locked out of her house. Give your house key to a neighbor, friends. It’s been a life saver for both of us!! 
Once I got my kitchen back in order again, it was already naptime, which Sedona fought a little (she did sleep in, but she really did need a nap!) The hubs was working in town for a change, less than 10 minutes away from school, so he was able to pick up Natalie, allowing Sedona to get much needed sleep. I usually have to wake Sedona up to pick up her sister. Waking Sedona up is not always a bad thing, 90% of the time she wakes up happy to see me, excited to pick up “Natawee.”
I worked on our Christmas cards (thanks for not letting me procrastinate, Groupon!) during naptime and finished them just in time to see the hubs & Natalie walk through the door. Then I had to help Natalie do a little homework and get ready for dance. I told you Wednesdays were busy! Natalie’s a smart cookie, but she doesn’t like the work involved. Things come rather easy to her, but if she can’t figure it out on the first try, she gives up, which is so frustrating. Yesterday, during her math homework she told the hubs & I “My homework is too hard for me, so how in the world could you or Daddy help me with it?” I had to resist the urge to bring out the sarcasm saying that her Maw & Paw weren’t much for learnin’ and stuff… but I managed to help her with her homework without actually doing it. Not always an easy thing for a parent to accomplish.
Since the hubs was already home from work and Sedona was still napping, Natalie & I left for dance a little early so I could stop by the bank. Our account was hacked earlier this week, so I needed a temporary debit card. Good times. Chase was on top of it though. Contacted us as soon as they saw a large charge from a Target in NYC. I’m still very unsure how this happened, but the charges were reversed, and both our cards were cancelled, so I’m trying not to think too hard about it. Life is too short for worry like that. 
Onto dance class!!! 
Natalie has started taking a hip-hop class. I’m not a big fan of hip-hop music, but the teacher is incredible & actually appeared in the first season of So You Think You Can Dance. He’s not only a great dancer, but he’s really good with the girls. Does what he can to empower them, and my formerly shy 6 3/4 year old daughter is developing a level of confidence that I haven’t seen before. ALL positive. 

It’s a really fun class to watch.
On our way home from dance, the hubs called with great news: Sedona slept until almost 6p (4+ hour nap!!!) and woke up happy & FEVER FREE for the first time since early Saturday morning!! When I hung up with him, my iPhone went back to playing music… remember what I said about music being weird sometimes? This song began almost immediately after hanging up with him:
Here’s what I came home to: 
Also came home to dinner in the oven courtesy of Greg’s co-worker’s wife, who reads my blog HI VALERIE!! Valerie made us a vegetarian meal since she saw just how crazy our week has been. Super nice of her, isn’t it? 
After dinner, the hubs attacked the kitchen while the girls played together. What did I do? Well, lately, I’ve been finding a nice level of solitude to fold laundry upstairs in my bedroom. I’m not a big fan of laundry, but this does make it more tolerable, we have a nice 32″ LCD with a zillion channels in our room now, so I can watch whatever I want, while I fold & put away laundry so it doesn’t sit in the basket for a week. 
Although, once the hubs is done with the dishes/dinner clean-up, everyone joins me upstairs for the bedtime routine. As you can see, the hubs is super helpful with the laundry.
The bedtime routine includes snuggles in our bed before we kick the kids to their own beds. We are not a co-sleeping family. I would NEVER sleep if we were. But we do enjoy the snuggle-time.
Can’t even express how happy this picture makes me… especially after the week we’ve endured.
Natalie’s attitude quickly went downhill as I tucked her in though. 
You can tell she’s endured a long week too.
Once again, proving the fact that Momma Needs a Beer… 

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