Life is not a Choose Your Own Adventure Novel

Ahhh, remember the good old days of picking up a Choose Your Own Adventure novel and totally cheating by previewing a few different choices to make sure you read the “right” story? Or just reading the Choose Your Own Adventure book backwards? Yup, I totally did that. Read the last few pages and then followed the Choose Your Own Adventure path backwards. I didn’t always read the series of books that way, sometimes I’d actually force myself to follow the rules. But, it wasn’t nearly as fun. I felt like a rebel reading Choose Your Own Adventure backwards. My rebellion days started early I suppose.

Do you ever have a day where you almost instantly realize you made some wrong choices? Yesterday was that day. The series of wrong choices made me recall my early reading obsession with the Choose Your Own Adventure series. Unfortunately, I had to live through the bad choices I made yesterday. Like the stupid choice to celebrate Sedona wearing underwear all night for the first time. That only cued a major meltdown because she didn’t even realize she did it. Why in the world did I bring it up as soon as she woke up? She woke up happy and that lasted a second. Me is dumb. That led me to wondering if her ear infection had truly gone away, but instead of calling the pediatrician, who diagnosed her, I figured we should let the ENT know — who wanted to see her. So we waited… and waited… and 2 hours later were finally seen. Although we didn’t get a clean bill of health, we now have to use antibiotic drops in her ears for the next MONTH. Great. Just awesome. Bad choice. They probably would’ve put her on a different oral antibiotic at the pediatrician… who wouldn’t have taken 2 hours to see us!

I won’t bore you with further details about my series of bad choices yesterday, but thankfully, once I realized that I was living through a bad Choose Your Own Adventure novel, I changed my thinking.

I stopped the regret.

I switched up my focus to… me. Sometimes this can be considered selfish. But when you’re having a craptastic day like I was yesterday, the best thing you can focus on is what you CAN do. Yesterday, I was invited to celebrate our sitter’s passing of the boards for her nursing career. I was frustrated with how I was going to get there, the details of the evening’s plan; was I going to carpool? What was I going to wear? Could I possibly leave before the kids were in bed? I decided to focus on my needs — I felt a little freedom driving myself so I could come & go as I pleased. I drank what I wanted, I ate what I wanted, I decided to celebrate instead of bitching & moaning about my day, and the tides shifted a little in my favor. Once I stopped complaining about what went wrong… and focused on what I actually had a little control over, my day did get better.

Well, all that… and putting a little alcohol on it.

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