Light My Fire.

Where do you find inspiration?

What is your passion?

What motivates you?

Last week, something changed within me. 

A spark was lit. 

I stepped out of my comfort-zone, doing things I had *thought* about doing… but just hadn’t followed through. 

Hosted my first twitter party

I also set a spark to start planning a little something I’ve written about… more about that soon

I picked up my bass & learned a new song for the first time, in… well… years. 

I don’t know what finally sparked my passion to DO. 

My passion to say YES to things I’ve only thought about. 

My entire life, my passion for music has always been present, but once I started popping out kids, although I still listened to music, playing & performing it took a big back seat to… well… life. 

I sang lullabies to my girls, sang in the car; a year and a half ago, I joined a once/month choir at church… all of these little sparks of music were fulfilling my passion in their own way.

Last week, I felt some inner force of inspiration & motivation that wasn’t necessarily driven by music… but it was there, sparkling beneath the surface.

And when I felt that urge to play my bass, to learn a song I’ve been dying to learn, that spark lit quite the fire. I felt inspired.

The day after I dusted off my bass… as if by magic… an opportunity fell into my lap. A somewhat intimidating performing opportunity. 

The hubs & I will be performing an hour-long set in downtown Grand Rapids on May 5! What???

I’m still wrapping my brain around it. 

But once I said YES… everything fell into place. 

We found people to help us with the girls while we’re on stage. 

But we still had an hour of music to come up with. And only 2 weeks to work on it. 

Over the weekend, the hubs & I were inspired to learn songs by Amy Winehouse, Adele, Joss Stone & even… old-school Madonna. We still have to dust off some classics we’ve sang over the years at weddings & funerals… but we’re getting there. 

My trepidation about performing for an hour was squashed when I realized we actually have a full hour of music nearly ready to go, just needing to be polished. 

It’s amazing to be a 30-something Momma of 2… having accepted the fact that I may “only” be a church-choir singer. But, I was ok with that, and even enjoy the once/month experience instead of dreading it. 
However, having an opportunity to perform songs the hubs & I select… on a fairly big stage (compared to the garages & random coffeeshops we played once-upon-a-time) it’s a dream come true. 
And it makes me realize: if you feel passion for something deep enough, work hard and follow through, your spark may turn into a very rewarding fire. 
What lights your fire? 

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