Losing Power

Yesterday morning, in the middle of a wicked thunderstorm, or more notably, in the middle of Sesame Street, our power gave up on us. At first, I didn’t think much of it. We live in a wooded neighborhood with lots of trees, but all of our cables are underground. Losing power in the middle of a storm is actually rare. We’re more likely to lose power a little more randomly, like when an insane squirrel commits suicide at the sub station. 
As my youngest mourned the loss of Elmo on the big bright rectangle, my oldest went right into her focused let’s fix this problem mode. The girl is amazing in a crisis. She wants to be an astronaut, which might actually work quite well for her, but she would also do really well in an ER. When the minor crisis of no power hit, she found a flashlight, and put on a shirt with a sparkly peace sign on it in order, and I quote: to reflect all the light we can get. She also found the twilight turtle & ladybug and lit those in her room, and protected her little sister. All this while I got dressed and attempted to put on some level of good enough makeup. Yeah yeah, I realize it was unnecessary, but the summer is not kind to my currently zitacular skin. What can I say, I’m a sweaty pig in the heat. 

Once I got organized enough to bail on our powerless house, we hit the road. It was still raining, and it took forever to get anywhere since many stoplights at major intersections were also out. Some roads were closed due to fallen trees. It took me 20 min to drive 2 miles to our local 7-11. But after our free slurpee & lunch pit-stops, it was already close to my youngest’s naptime, so I started heading back home… hoping the power would be back on. 
It wasn’t.
I had been calling Consumer’s Energy several times to get a restored estimate, but for hours I was getting nothing, when I finally got an estimate, it wasn’t the answer I was looking for. As of yesterday afternoon, they told me it wouldn’t be restored until Wednesday at 5p. WEDNESDAY AT 5P?! DON’T THEY REALIZE I HAVE CHILDREN?! I don’t know why that always makes a difference in situations like this, but it does. Especially in today’s world. Where afternoons consist of naps equipped with fans & white-noise machines or downtime in front of the tv or computer, so Momma can get some shit done! 
Talk about losing power. 
My oldest turned back into a typical 6 yr old, begging for something to do, a show to watch, a game to play on the computer, etc while my youngest shocked me by napping without her sound machine or night light. My afternoon plans of vacuuming, laundry & blogging also went out the window. Amazing what you lose when the power goes out. I took so much for granted! I did have a concert to look forward to that evening with a friend, but in the meantime, my anxiety went through the roof between dealing with the constant whining, and when my youngest got up, that tripled… she was whining right beside me. 
My concert-buddy arrived just in time to see my youngest scream at me to read her a book… which, being the craptastic Momma I was that day, I just didn’t feel like reading yet another book. I wanted to catch up with my friend who just arrived. Did I really have to be a perfect Momma too?! 
I was officially fried. How in the world did Mommas back in the Little House on the Prairie days do it without becoming complete alcoholics?! 

When the hubs got home, I practically knocked him over as I dashed out the door with my friend… off to the land of lights, a/c, cold beer, wifi and loud music. I soaked it in though, I love my family, but I needed a break from. I didn’t just lose electrical power, I lost my own power… and I’m pretty sure I lost my mind a little that day too. Took me a little while to shake it off, and the thought that I’d have to go through an entire day & a half without power still gave me anxiety. Once I got a couple of yummy beers in me, that anxiety started to fade and I truly did enjoy my night out! 
At 10p, the hubs texted me to let me know… THE POWER IS BACK ON! 
Suddenly, my anxiety lifted altogether and all seemed right in my powerful world once again. 

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