Love = LOVE: The Teachable Moment

As I scrolled through my FB newsfeed quick before hitting the road to Des Moines (more on the trip next week) I caught onto the fantastic news regarding the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act (a 1996 law thatĀ 20130626-112135.jpgprevented the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages) & rushed to figure out what the hell news channel would work on our odd hotel tv.

Natalie, my 8 year old, wondered what was up. Didn’t I just yell at her to go to the bathroom & get her sandals on? I insisted we had to watch history unfold.

Natalie pulled up a chair to the tv and watched Rachel Maddow give the brief, exciting rundown, and Natalie’s smile widened as President Obama actually called Chad Griffin’s iPhone… and then, I answered 8 year old questions through happy tears.

“Why couldn’t anyone marry anyone?”
“Why would someone want to stop someone from marrying someone they love? Can democrats & republicans really do that? That’s kind of scary.”

Ahh, it was a beautiful, teachable moment. My 8 & 5 year old love with their arms & hearts open so big, they understood & accepted my answers as they absorbed the news. They got it. Well let’s be honest here, my 5yo is 5. She just wants to marry her best friend Molly, and I’ve never told her she “can’t”. I always believed that by the time she’d be ready to marry, if she still wanted to marry Molly, she’d be “able” to. So, to Sedona, it wasn’t a big deal.

In our home, we don’t discriminate. We have friends & relatives who are gay; it’s not a topic we beat to death, but we are open & honest about our feelings on the topic. In our home, Ellen, for example, is Dory from Finding Nemo, funny, really nice, a good dancer, and she happens to love a very pretty actress.

The fact that someone is “gay” doesn’t solely define people like Ellen. And that goes for anyone in our lives. Family. Friend. Gay, straight, bi, etc. We are *all* different, but we shouldn’t judge or hate anyone, especially for something they were born with & have zero control over.

Equality = respect.

Love = love.

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