Making Together Better…

Over the last year, life has been one big roller-coaster. 

When my 4-week-old niece was determined terminal last April, our lives were turned upside down. 
I felt helpless

I felt angry. 

I felt sad. 

Every day was a question mark. 
Would we have to rush across the state today? 
Would we get through the day without crying? 

As the year wore on, even though the question marks remained, the love within our family grew. 

We looked at our children with fresh eyes as they grew leaps & bounds.

Our patience grew. 

And when our patience declined… we put a little alcohol on it. 
Let’s face it, not every moment is beautiful. 

We started making plans again. 

Every moment my family had together carried an urgency to be celebrated & embraced. 

In spite of the what ifs? we saw opportunities and said yes instead of maybe, even though we knew most plans were in pencil. 

Birthdays became a big deal — I celebrated mine in a convertible in the mountains of Utah. 
Natalie celebrated her birthday at a Spartan Football game in East Lansing.
We celebrated Sedona’s birthday in Disney World
Would we have celebrated that big without the influence of my niece’s fragile state? 
I don’t know. 

I do know that my little Tenacious D’s fight for life made my family really examine how blessed & lucky we are to have each other. 

Do I still have anger? 
This hurt may never disappear; it’s likely a fraction of the pain her parents feel.

But every time one of my children screams at me to carry them through Disney World…
or simply tells me I am in their heart, I take it. 
I soak in that moment and remind myself how lucky I am to have them in my life… 
then chug a big swig of beer if the moment requires such things. 
Let’s be honest, I’m not perfect and neither are they! 

Delaney’s 9 months on earth taught us to embrace every moment, 
and, on a fairly deep level, 
made my family’s time together… better. 

This post has been submitted into a contest to win a full scholarship to Type-A Parent Conference from Brica. Brica asked entrants to compose a post relating to their motto:“Making Together Better.” 
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