Married to a Software Engineer

As a blogger, you would think that being married to a software engineer — especially a dude who codes all day — would be a fantastic benefit.

In-house coding & html expert! 

Available at your beck & call! 

If you got a problem, the hubs will solve it! 

Well, let’s be honest here… it’s nothing like that. 

In fact, it’s kind of the opposite. 

Before you spit out your beer all over your laptop, let me explain… 

Because the hubs is “the coder” in the house, I slack off on quite a bit of my back-end blogging issues. I ask the hubs for help with one thing or another instead of figuring it out on my own. 

Look, I’m no dummy… I could very likely figure a lot of this out. I’m just moderately lazy. Especially when someone you love tells you he will “take care of it“. I don’t want to waste my time stressing over something that potentially comes easy to the hubs. I’ve also messed things up in the past, so I don’t want to make his job harder.

But… life happens. 

The hubs has a job where he codes all day. And when he comes home, I’d like, no, I need him to pitch in with the kids… not be stuck behind a computer. Our mutual sanity is precious. We both need a break around dinnertime. I remember getting burned out on the phone way back when I worked an office-job. When I’d come home, the last thing I’d want to do was answer a phone call, let alone talk on the phone. I love my friends & family… but I don’t always love talking on the phone. Sure, I’ll text until my heart’s content, but to this day, if you call me, it’s rare that I answer. 

So I get it. 

I get the the hubs has promised me a transition to WordPress for about 9 months, and the labor & delivery of it has been painful at best. 

I get that the hubs needs to prioritize work that he is paid for, as well as family-time above working on what is, essentially, my “hobby“. 

So no, I can’t pay the hubs to transition my blog to the SEO-friendly WordPress… well, not with cash anyhow. And if I can’t afford the hubs, I really can’t afford to hire an outsider to do the work either. Short of whoring my sorry, cellulite-infested ass out… and no one wants to see that. 

I need to get off my ass and learn how to do this shit on my own if I want my blog to grow. And I do! 

If you have any suggestions… cheap classes, conference sessions, etc that can give me a boost, I’ll be ever so grateful and will absolutely buy you a beer if/when our paths ever cross. 

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