Mat Kearney, Young Love

I received the new Mat Kearney CD Young Love in the mail for review from the One2One network recently. It’s been a very long time since I had purchased, or even handled a CD, other than a random mix-CD here & there… thanks to my handy-dandy iPod+iTunes! First thing I was excited about was the liner-notes. I *love* being able to see the lyrics when I’m listening to new music. Yeah, yeah, I know that you can pretty much google any and all lyrics these days... I enjoy holding the liner-notes and squinting to read the tiny print, ok?! But hey, if you enjoy this album and prefer to download from iTunes instead of picking up a CD, you will love the widget I’ve embedded below… simply click on the thought-cloud for lyrics. Pretty sweet, huh?

When I hit play to listen to Young Love, I enjoyed the beat, but I couldn’t help but wonder if they gave me the new Coldplay album by mistake. Mat Kearney sounds quite a bit like Chris Martin, but the similarities aren’t as identical when it comes to musical style. Mat Kearney’s music is upbeat, complete with the occasional hand-claps. The opening track, Hey Mama sucks you in and makes you want to clap along & hear more. The song is about meeting his wife in an Anthropologie store she was working in at the time. Very fun tune, not nearly as mushy as it could’ve been, being a love-story-song.

The rest of the album tries to live up to Hey Mama, and it nearly accomplishes that goal a few times, especially on the tracks She Got the Honey and Young Dumb And In Love. However, when I download Mat Kearney’s music onto my own personal iPod, I don’t know if I would include the entire album. Some of the tracks were a little too sleepy for me, others just had a weird R&B vibe I didn’t feel went with his groove as well as it could’ve. But I’m a picky chic when it comes to music. Check it out for yourself and see what you think. This fantastic widget I’ve embedded below can take you to all things Mat Kearney.


Disclosure: One2One Network provided me with Mat Kearney’s Young Love CD for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this post are equivalent to your 2 year old’s favorite word: MINE.

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    Lol I just love the disclosure!

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    P L E A S E
    H E L P
    M E

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