Michigan Craft Beer Gala!

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Happy Craft Beer Month! What have you done to celebrate? Visiting a brewery, brew-pub or a tap-takeover is a fun way to celebrate, in my humble opinion. I’ve splurged a little this month, visiting MittenBrewing, Big Bob’s & attended a Perrin Takeover; I have been enjoying sampling delicious craft beer & chatting with the owners/brewers. I love how friendly & open the craft-beer community is here in Michigan.

Craft Beer Month is not over yet. Many of you lucky readers may have tickets to the Michigan Brewer’s Guild Summer Beer Fest. I am looking forward to attending the Pre-Summer-Beer-Fest Gala at Karl’s Cabin.

What’s that? You haven’t heard?

*Grab’s megaphone*

Karls’ Cabin in Plymouth, MI is hosting a Michigan Craft Beer Gala on Wednesday, July 24th from 6-8pm!

It will be like a mini-beer fest! But… in air-conditioned surroundings! And… real bathrooms! I know, I KNOW! 

Your $35 admission will include 10 3-oz samples from 5 Michigan Breweries: Founders, Shorts, Bell’s, Kuhnhenn & Dragonmead PLUS a Chef’s Buffet Table filled with yummy selections like charcuterie, jambalaya, smoked pork & pate and much more.

As if you needed more excuses to attend, the breweries have started to release a few of the mouth-watering selections they will be offering.

From Founders you will find the coveted KBS (!!) as well as a couple of my personal summer favorites, Rubaeus and Devil Dancer.

Short’s is offering their Anniversary Ale and India Spruce Pilsner.

Bell’s will serve their Black Note Stout, Wedding Ale and Roundhouse IRA.

Kuhnhenn is offering a few ales that are not listed as being available at the summer beer fest (bonus!) Blueberry Pancake Ale, Aldebaran and, according to Kuhnhenn’s FB page, Ron B Delirious.

Dragonmead will be offering their Oatmeal Stout.

This list is just a taste of what will be offered at this very special event… there will be more. Oh yes, there will be more.

But don’t get your panties in a twist about it being a Craft-Beer GalaJust because the word GALA is used, in the words of Kurt Cobain: come as you are. Am I aging myself here? How about P!nk? Don’t get fancy, just get dancy? How about a TV reference? Even though this event may be, wait for it… legendary… no need to suit-up. I’ll stop now… 

I am looking forward to attending next week! If you’re going, you will find my curly mop roaming around Karl’s Cabin that evening, beer in hand, chatting with the good people of the Michigan Beer Community while sampling my way around the breweries. Will you be attending? Let me know so we can clink our glasses & toast appropriately to Michigan Craft Beer Month!

You can purchase tickets online here, or call 734.455.8450 to order tickets directly over the phone. More information can be found at the Karl’s Cabin website.

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Make sure you follow Karls’ Cabin on Facebook & Twitter for the latest updates!

Craft Beer Samplers


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