Momma’s Favorite Things… Under $50!

Yeah yeah, everyone and their uncle are posting their greatest gift lists of all time…
But I can’t resist.

Must… make… list…

What makes mine different? I’ll be covering unique gifts under $50 for people like you & me (yes, if you’re shopping for me, I’ll take anything off this list!) that will guarantee smiles and maybe a rare thank-you note will hit your mailbox a few weeks later, just because the gift was that awesome. Ok, maybe I’m overselling. Read on and you can decide for yourself.

WAIT! Before I get to my list of favs, first let me just disclose that if there is a local option for some of these products in your area, help your economy & the environment by shopping locally this season. Also, these opinions are MINE and unless specified otherwise, no one compensated me to promote any of the following items. All of these items I’ve either personally enjoyed… or simply want!

For the drinker you love…

  • Michigan Winter Beer Fest tickets. Friends, today is such a beautiful day. Winter Beer Fest tickets just went on sale, and I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on tickets. We had such a blast last year!! It’s outdoors, but you bundle, and the community of people that gather is so fun. If you live in Michigan, tickets for this unique event make excellent gifts!! 
  • DIY Infused Booze. What? DIY booze?! Yes. It does take some time, so if you’re going to make some Strawberry Vodka or Mango Tequila — do it now!  
  • Drinkware. Shameless, I know… but come on. Everything’s better with the tagline Sometimes, ya gotta put a little alcohol on it. psst — scroll to the bottom to find out how to win the can cooler pictured! —>
  • French Press. Drinking includes coffee IMHO. If you’re a coffee-lover and never experienced a cup of french-press coffee, you must. I’m linking you to our french-press, and although I thought it would be a “special occasion” thing, we use it every morning, and on occasional tough (i.e. every tuesday) afternoons. It’s way easier to use than you’d think, and very affordable. The hubs & I rarely hit up a coffee-shop anymore because we can make coffee that’s just as good, if not better at home. Make sure your recipient has a bean-grinder and a tea-kettle, those are the only two accessories we use with our french press, other than, ya know, coffee & water. 

For your foodie friend or family member… 

  • Paula Deen’s Everything Pan. You can’t go wrong with anything Paula Deen in my book. I received her knife-block set last year and I still love it. I used a pan like this to death and I still need to replace it. 
  • A Fun Apron. I adore aprons! Especially this Wonder Woman one from Etsy. So fun! 
  • Bacon Ornament. Oh yeah. It sparkles too. 
  • Cholula Hot Sauce 4-pack. In case you missed it, I offered this 4-pack up for a giveaway a few weeks back. These sauces are fantastic! Add flavor to your food faster than dehydrated spices! 
  • Milk Bottle Measuring Cups. Fun multi-purpose cups that double as a countertop conversation starter! 

For the Momma who does it all… 

  • Love Stamped Jewelry. I scored one of these personalized necklaces last year… and I LOVE it! They are made right here in Michigan, but you’ll want to place an order soon! She is awesome, but tends to get backed up this time of year.  
  • $50 Spa Finder Gift Card. A massage? A facial? Yes please! I feel like a new woman after a trip to the spa. I hardly ever splurge unless I have a gift-card. Enough said.
  • Laundry Sorter. Ok, so it’s not the most fun gift in all the land, but I honestly don’t know how I lived without this. This is a huge sanity & time saver for me. I never have to sort laundry. 
  • Fun PJ pants. I pretty much live in my comfy-pants when I know I’m stuck indoors for the evening. I’m in love with these “Spooning leads to Forking” pants!  
  • Anne Taintor Personal Care Products. Emery Boards, Lip Balm, etc… all with fun vintage taglines. I adore Anne Taintor.  
For the geekalicious man or lady in your life… 
For the children you love… 
  • Crayola Glow Dome. My kids have been begging for this. I picked one up a few weeks ago. I’m excited to try it too! 
  • Lego Ultimate Building Set. We have a big box of blocks in our family room that I scored from a rummage sale for $2 a few years back. My kids still play with it. If you don’t have blocks for your kids, this would be perfect. Get their creative minds going. 
  • Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game. Kids keep stealing your iPhone to play Angry Birds? Check out this board-game version! 
  • Electric Guitar T-Shirt — the guitar actually PLAYS. I’m sure it’s annoying. I still want one for both of my kids. And yes, the mini-amp actually goes to 11. 
  • Temporary Hand-Puppet Tattoos. My girls would have hours of fun with these!
  • Star Wars Craft Book. Crochet an R2D2 hat, Ewok Flower Vases and more… my future astronaut is gonna love this! 
  • Keeki Pure & Simple Gift Packs. Another favorite in my house, and I even hosted a giveaway earlier this year. If you haven’t had the chance to try Keeki’s awesome products, they are organic, oder-free and fun enough for babies toes and Momma’s fingernails — paint them on a plane if you want. Love this. 

There ya have it…

oh wait.

What’s a Favorite Things list without a giveaway?!

Tis the season for giving.

I will select a random EMAIL SUBSCRIBER to win the Sometimes Ya Gotta Put a Little Alcohol On It Beer Can Cooler pictured above on December 9th. If you aren’t a subscriber, what are you waiting for? Make sure you verify your subscription, and subscribe with an active email address, otherwise you will not be eligible. I’ll contact the winner via that particular email address and you will only have 48 hours to respond, otherwise I will draw a new name via until I do get a response. If you’re already subscribed to Momma Needs a Beer, you don’t have to do a thing — you are automatically entered. Merry Christmas

What’s your favorite thing this year?

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