Monday Music

It must be said that I don’t have a major problem with Mondays. The hubs is usually very helpful with the girls when he’s off, so I really do feel less stressed over a weekend and rested come Monday. Even when I worked outside of the home, I didn’t mind Mondays (once I got my lazy ass out of bed anyway). Tuesdays on the other hand… ugh. Tuesdays usually suck – it’s so far away from the upcoming weekend, and let’s face it, the buzz from the weekend before has worn off. I’ve learned to plan things for Tuesdays or pay the slumpy-grumpy price. 

Today is an exceptional Monday. Had a new Mad Men to enjoy last night — YAY! *sidenote* if you haven’t seen Mad Men, don’t start watching what’s airing now — rent the Season 1 DVD and watch from the beginning. It’s a sexy, intense, yet occasionally funny show with little historical tidbits thrown in. Definitely one of my absolute favorite shows; I find myself completely absorbed when I watch and I can forget my own issues for an hour. Check it out if you haven’t. Ok, *sidenote complete* In a few hours, my best friend is coming over and later this evening, the 5 of us are going to see Natalie Merchant at Meijer Gardens! It’s not the first time we’ve taken the girls to a concert there. MG is a really nice, family oriented place to see a concert. It’s a small, outdoor venue, so the sound isn’t overwhelming for little ears. 2 years ago, we took the kids to see Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks at MG. It was one of my favorite days we spent as a new family of 4. The weather was perfect, in the low-70s and breezy; we were in a crowd of other families… we all danced and sang together. My girls were VERY good (we actually got compliments from random strangers regarding how well-behaved they were — shocker!) I even nursed my youngest a couple of times while singing along to one of my favorite blues artists merely feet away from me. I definitely took a few mental snapshots that day. I knew it was an incredible night while it was happening and I soaked it in. 

The fact that we’re seeing Natalie Merchant tonight makes it extra special. The hubs & I had front row seats to see her at The Joint in Vegas waaaaay back in February of 1999. It was the first concert we saw together as a married couple. And the way the seats were set up, we were so close to the stage, my knees hit the wall of the stage, and we actually placed our drinks right on the stage. If you have never sat in the first 6 rows for a concert, do yourself a favor, and go for it… you won’t regret the experience! Because of this intimate concert, Natalie Merchant actually spoke to us a few times during the show, and was one of the inspirations for us naming our first born Natalie. To be fair, she’s named after my Grandmothers… but it’s a name we loved for many reasons. 

Hope your Monday is off to a fantastic start too. Looking forward writing more about our concert experience this week!! 🙂 

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