My Favorite Pieces of Art

Do you own any pieces of art that you could stare at for hours? We don’t have much, and the two pieces of art I’m referring to may not be considered art to some, but to me, they are my two favorite works of art… at least in my home. 

Gorgeous, yes?
These two newborns sleep in my living room. I find so much contentment in there. Our piano lives there, but a TV does not. We usually gather in our living room as a family after meals, since it’s right off of the dining room. I like to practice yoga in there, and when my gaze faces one of these beautiful baby girls, I feel even more at peace. There are times when I will simply walk through the living room and stop for awhile, remembering the amazing, intense & life changing moments we shared. 
Today, I did just that, recalling the photography sessions fondly. 
Natalie, on the stack of towels, is my first-born, and her session sort of fell into our laps. Natalie was born 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, and a couple days before we were heading back to our hometown of Bay City to celebrate & show her off, we learned of an opportunity for Natalie to be photographed by Bradford Studio. In addition to the free session, they would use her in ads, displayed in the maternity ward at the hospital, as well as the movie theaters, plus give us a 16×20 of the photo for our time. Ok, what’s the catch?! None!? We were in. So the day after Thanksgiving, we arrived at the studio & I nursed Natalie into a deep slumber. They had heating pads under the top towel so it was extra-cozy for her. This was the first newborn session Bradford had done, so it was very quick. They took a few shots over the course of about 15-20 minutes. They had another scene, which was more of a nature scene with butterfly wings on her back, but she woke up as soon as she was moved. Not a big deal. The above was the winner, all-around. Natalie was on display on giant photos at the movie theaters for about a year or so. I believe her photo is still up in the maternity ward at the hospital. 
Sedona, resting her head on our hands, was a different story completely. Her first few weeks of life went by way too fast. The day before Sedona’s 3 week birthday, I panicked when I realized she was already changing. So, in my very “clear” state of mind, I decided we needed to get her photo taken, just like we did with Natalie… immediately. So we scrambled to find a place that did newborn photography right here in Grand Rapids… in the yellow pages. We lucked out and found a great guy who has a studio in the basement of his home. He even squeezed us in for a Saturday morning session! I realize this may sound a little shady, but it wasn’t. Dan Terpstra did an incredible job! We had a 3 year old Natalie in tow as well, so extra patience was required. Sedona needed multiple nursing sessions during the 2 1/2 hours we were there. That’s right, 2 1/2 hours!! It was worth every second and every penny we spent too. This incredible piece of photography is only on display in my home, but I cherish it every time I look at it. I crack up thinking about Sedona peeing all over us, twice, during our family photo.
These pieces of art mean the world to me, they captured the first moments with my own works of art. My babies were these mushy bundles of love for what feels like a millisecond. 
I cherish these photographs more & more every day. 
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