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Today’s featured Guest-Poster is my sister, Valerie. What can I say about my sister Val? She’s hilarious, a talented singer & Music Therapist. We didn’t always get along as kids, but I’m so grateful she’s in my life today.

So enjoy this story, sing it with me… From the Year 2000. And find more from my sister at AND That’s right, Valerie’s so cool she has TWO pages!


Long before I was writing about my interactions with older adults and love injuries and even before “Momma Needs A Beer” was a Momma, Kelli worked for an artist management company.  She loved this job, and I loved being the sister of a woman with this job.

I was starting college, and Kelli told me she could get me on the list to see one of the managed bands.  I grabbed my friend Jen to go, and we soon had VIP tags on our jeans.

We were with the band.

Jen and I rocked out at the front of the exclusive balcony to start then we made our way through the crowd to get the thumbs up from security as we entered backstage.

We were truly VIPs.

Our backstage experience started by throwing a few jokes around with the bassist and grabbing a few Heinekens in the band’s main room.  However, Jen had her sights on the drummer.  While dancing around, she said, “He’s cute.”   I talked music with the lead singer and guitarist as the drummer passed on signed drumsticks.  Jen caught her breath and was her sweet self.  A half hour later, the drummer took us to another room to meet the opening band.  Looking back he was trying to pawn us off, but Jen still had more to say.

The conversation faded with the openers, and we walked out.  As Jen and I discussed what was next, we saw the band packed up and ready to head out.  Jen and I suddenly became a tag team of sarcasm and jokes.  Somewhere between “Where are you going?” and “Here I thought we were having a good time,” the drummer suggested we continue to hang out at the hotel.  With a quick exchange of looks, we chimed in “Sure!”  Maybe the Heinekens made us a bit impulsive, but we were on a VIP adventure.  We were going to a drummer’s hotel room.  What?!

We did not expect to pull up to one of the fanciest hotels in Lincoln Park in the next moment.

Who did Kelli work for?! 

Then the hotel room… was full of talking about the upcoming Grammy’s invite, the drummer’s love of N’Sync, watching Lost Boys, and eating pizza.

This was not your typical stay in a drummer’s hotel room.  Two girls hanging out in the company of a nice guy.  What a concept!

The closest this came to a “I spent the night in a drummer’s hotel room” experience was when the lights went off.  Jen may have slept next to him.  There may have been a suggestion of a threesome.  However, a make-out session occurred and nothing else.  Jen got some innocent one-on-one time with the drummer.  I got a fancy bed to myself.  We both got a great story and a reason to toast “VIPs forever!” each time we reconnect.


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