Never-ending Chaos

About a week after having my first baby, I got a visit from an Aunt, mainly to drop off a gift. It was a very brief visit, she didn’t even come in. I casually mentioned that we would have to get together once the chaos died down. Having a 6 yr old herself, my Aunt said Ha! I’m still waiting for the chaos to die down! I laughed it off… didn’t think much of it. Here I am, 6 1/2 years later, still waiting for the damn chaos to die down.

But summer vacation is almost here, surely that must be easier than the school year?

Yes, the daily school chaos is winding down. And these last weeks of school have been extra-crazy — I’ve had to go to school to chaperone field trips, the duct-tape experiement, among other randoms. We have much to do in these last 8 days of school as well. Field day, talent show, Kindergarten picnic, picking up farewell gifts to her teachers… I’m exhausted just thinking about it all. And I only have one child in school! 

At least with the school year, my family maintains some level of a routine. I got a sneak-peek of what I’m in for once summer vacation hits this past long-weekend, when I had 2 kids at home full-time. I’ve tried to get a post out since Monday… if you haven’t noticed, it’s Wednesday. I started 3 posts, wrote a couple paragraphs, and then… nada. I got interrupted &/or distracted, one kid was beating or biting another, one child was starving and needed a snack, then spilled the snack, a bug needed to be killed, another fight broke out… you get the idea, and I completely lost my mojo to complete what, let’s face it, were potentially award-winning posts. ok ok, I’m overselling it, but still. It’s so frustrating!

One thing the hubs & I did address this past weekend, was organizing the summer schedule, well, we addressed it… but we still need to actually organize it. We have potential vacation dates… potential date nights… and not many child-care options set up as of yet. Hell, we don’t even have the funds to pay for these things, so that throws yet another wrench into these potential breaks from the children. But, we’re working on it. Because, we will be desperate for a break from the constant needs of our children by August. Somehow, we’ll have to make time to actually schedule the alone-time. What a concept!

My family seems to thrive on routine, and when we don’t have the school routine moving us along, some days feel even crazier than others, and worse, I don’t seem to get anything done! Because of this, I’m hoping to implement some level of a routine this summer, and force my family out of the house by noon, even if we only make it to the backyard. If anyone has advice or tips on how to make this work, please share them in the comments below!

My sanity thanks you.

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