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Happy Thirsty Thursday, friends!

I had the pleasure of taking my family to visit Our Brewing Company recently.

What’s that? I took my family? Oh yes. Breweries can be very family-friendly! And Our Brewing Company is no exception.

Trevor & Lisa Doublestien opened Our Brewing Company with Dane & Brynn Sexton in November, 2012. Right now, they have limited hours on Thursdays-Sundays, but the brewery is very family-friendly. In fact, Lisa brought her own two daughters to hang out with my two girls, and the four girls quickly formed friendships over root beer, a game of go-fish and collaborative drawings.

I must reiterate this fact: all four girls remained happy & content for 2 hours while the hubs & I sampled several of Our Brewing Company’s finest brews and chatted with Lisa & Trevor.
For a Sunday afternoon, Our Brewing Company was bustling with steady flow of people. The bright sunlight spilled onto the beautiful wood & brick within the brewery… and I do believe every patron was smiling when they entered & exited the brewery. Our Brewing Company offers a very clean, but laid back environment. I felt very much at home from the moment we walked through the doors.

Lisa brought the hubs & I a nice selection of delicious beer to sample… and root-beer for the girls.

Before I savored my first sip of Our Brewing Co’s beer, I could tell it was a labor of love. And then I took a sip, and another, and another… I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy every sip, even St Celiac’s Trippel — which is one of a few Gluten-Free selections Our Brewing Company offers their patrons. They also offer a GF IPA and a few ciders.

My personal Our Brewing Company favorites? Careless Whisper IPA and their Oatmeal Cookie Brown, with OBC’s Andes Mint Milk Stout coming in a close 3rd. But… honestly, every single beer & cider I tried was so good, I’m drooling all over my MacBook just thinking about OBC’s beer.

Our Brewing Company doesn’t offer food at this point, but you can bring in your own food, and there are menus for area restaurants who will deliver right to the brewery. One of the many benefits of their downtown location.

Lisa was so easy to talk to, I quickly felt like I was chatting with an old friend. Lisa shared how Trevor is always at the brewery. Trevor is juggling everything from the brewing & bartending, to cleaning kegs & sweeping the floors. Trevor & Lisa opened up the brewery with their partners Brynn & Dane, known to regulars as “Great Dane.” Dane takes care of the financial & legal end of the brewery. Since this is something Trevor, Lisa, Dane & Brynn are so passionate about, the time spent at their brewery doesn’t always feel like work. Something I can absolutely relate to as a beer blogger & musician!

I found it so refreshing to hear that the community of Holland has embraced Our Brewing Company with open arms. Sharing a block with another well-known brewery could’ve caused drama & competition, however, so many people within the beer community and Holland have been spreading the word. Even though Our Brewing Company is relatively new, the brewery already has a steady stream of regulars. The faces are becoming familiar ones, and for Trevor, Dane, Lisa & Brynn, that = success.

Have you visited Our Brewing Company yet? What are you waiting for?! Our Brewing Company is located in downtown Holland at 76 East 8th Street. You can also follow Our Brewing Company on Facebook & Twitter.


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