Red, White & Blue Michigan Brews!

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Happy Independence Day!!

I don’t think you can get more American than enjoying the freedom to savor a cold brew, especially on a hot summer day.

Oh wait, yes you can — by drinking a little Red, White & Blue!

Here are a few Red, White & Blue Michigan brews I personally enjoy, maybe you will too… CHEERS!

Founders Brewing Rübæus 5.7% ABV
This delicious beer is made with fresh raspberries at multiple stages during fermentation creating all kinds of layers of sweet & tart notes. A refreshing “red” beer appropriate for the time of year this Michigan brew is available. Rübæus is very easy for just about anyone to drink & enjoy.

What’s that? You don’t like “fruity” beer?
How about a Red’s Rye PA 6.6% ABV instead? Also from Founders; if you like your beer hoppy and a little bitter with a carmelly finish, I highly recommend this beer to represent the “Red” in your freak flag. 

Arcadia Ales Whitsun 6.2% ABV
I love Whitsun this time of year, especially when I’m celebrating anything outdoors. I am not typically a big fan of wheat beers, but Arcadia brews this one well. Whitsun is very easy to drink a six-pack in the sun; a little coriander, orange zest and Michigan honey balance out the very slight hoppy flavor. 

Whitsun comes in very beach, deck & patio-friendly cans. The can format is super handy for klutzes like me.

Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout 7.5% ABV
This coveted brew is a little more of a challenge to find this time of year. It can be done. I just found a single bottle at my local liquor store. Tres Blueberry Stout has a smoky flavor with a slight sweet aroma & flavor from the blueberries and chocolate. This beer is a stout, so a little heavier for the season, and is usually found in the winter. However, if you are a stout lover — Tres Blueberry Stout is a festive beer to represent the blue in your patriotic celebration! 

What’s your favorite All-American beer to celebrate your freedom & independence? 


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