Remedy for a bad day

You ever have a really bad day and feel like, no matter what you do, you’re completely screwed?! I won’t bore you with a ton of trivial, Debbie Downer details… but to summarize the lowlights of my craptastic day yesterday: I had to perform the heimlich on my youngest, gumballs are now banned from my house! My cat pissed on my leather couch yet AGAIN and bit my daughter within a 12 hour time-span, not to mention, this same daughter has a wicked diaper rash, refused her afternoon nap and was extra crabby ALL. Day. But the scariest low point of the day, due to a computer glitch, our water was almost shut off… bright side of that: our valve is broken, therefore they couldn’t do anything but hand me a very frightening red slip. 
I wondered where the hidden cameras were. This had to have been a sitcom or bad reality show, right? How much can Momma take before she cracks open a beer?! Well, since I had a ton of errands to do yesterday that involved driving, that wasn’t an option! Yup. I had to trudge onward without my trusty beer saving the day & hitting my inner reset button. So, what’s a girl to do when she’s having a bad day? Do yoga? I was on the go all day yesterday. lame excuse, I should’ve tried to squeeze in 20 min. Eat chocolate? Well, I did enjoy a cadbury egg, but since losing 50 lbs, it just doesn’t fill the void like it may have in the past. I’ve learned to not feed my emotions; remember, I’m not food’s bitch anymore! 
On the way to my oldest’s dance class, after declinging my screaming, overtired youngest from my body, handing her off to the hubs, it hit me. NEW SHOES! Oh yes… DSW was not far from dance class, and the hour my oldest would be tip-tapping away, I could spend browsing the aisles alone, in peace. I usually do something responsible, like picking up loose ends at the grocery store around the corner. But the more I thought about it, I realized I had a $20 reward certificate, and maybe I could score a end of season sale on some cute new boots! Just driving there made me happier, I could almost feel my luck changing! But the discounted boot idea quickly vanished when I saw how many sandals they had in stock. So many to choose from! After trying several uncomfortable sandals I’d wear twice & remember the blisters, but not the shoes, I ended up with a black pair of comfy, adorable sandals, made of recycled materials that I should be able to wear everywhere this spring & summer. And the eco-friendly bonus made me wonder if purchasing these would help turn my karma around for the day. Hey, I was willing to do just about anything to turn my shitty day around! 
It worked. I practically skipped out of there, headed back to pick up my daughter from dance, and even made it back to watch her for the last 15 min of class. I came home refreshed, and even though my youngest was still fairly cranky, it was much easier dealing with her after a break, and doing something just for me. 

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