Oh summer… long days & evenings spent outdoors for the most part. This summer has been an insanely busy one, but here we are: August.

Once we finally get the kids into bed which seems to be happening later & later lately… after a long day of dealing with everything that goes along with an unpredictable 3 & 6 year old, I might have a beer or cocktail with the hubs outside, if it’s not humid as hell. But on a typical night, I mostly want comfort. Pull on some oversized elastic-waisted pants, drink a familiar beer I love, pop open my recliner’s foot rest, sit back, veg out under a blanket (yes, even in the summer, I love to snuggle up under a blanket!) and soak in some television-rays.

Last night, we watched Mad Men’s Season 4 episode of The Suitcase; one of my favorite episodes of last season… between that episode and Season 2’s The Benefactor oh boy… I love me some Don Draper. I won’t ruin either episode for anyone who’s not caught up yet… just know that if you haven’t given Mad Men a chance yet, all episodes are streaming on Netflix right now! Mad Men is one of my favorites, but I don’t get as excited about every single repeat episode of dramas… too heavy for this funny gal.

Certain sitcoms grate on my nerves, and some I have a hard time getting through a first-run episode, let alone a rerun? Forget about it. Then there are gems I could watch every single day: Roseanne is one of them. I grew up watching Roseanne, and my mother was never a fan (called it gross) but my dad loved it… so we’d watch & laugh together, while my mother cleaned… or… prayed… or… something. I always felt a connection to Darlene, and I’m sure a part of my inner rebel can be attributed to my love of Sara Gilbert’s incredible role. It took me awhile to feel like I fit in anywhere growing up, but watching Roseanne with my dad… I felt that comfort like I belonged with him, and it’s ok not to be perfect. Since my mother had such perfectionistic tendencies, we soaked in that half-hour sitcom like sponges… then proceeded to bury our feelings to avoid setting my mother off. My father for years to come, me… only until I started standing up for my convictions (like Darlene) around 15 years old. There were days when I wished I could go live with Roseanne — at least she was honest & respected her kids. She wasn’t perfect, but who is?? Instead of dwelling on how shitty life can be, they laughed at the downfalls and embraced the positive moments… even if they were few & far between. This was as real as television got in the late 80s, early 90s. Watching Roseanne reruns feels like putting on a comfy, broken-in sweatshirt… with a big fat rooster on it.

For the next two weeks, I will be attending BlogHer’11 and taking a little vacay. While I’m gone, I’ll be running reruns here on my blog. I hope you find comfort & enjoy what I’m dubbing the Best of Momma series. One of the luxuries of being able to look back is seeing just how much I’ve learned as a Momma and as an individual. Thank you so much for all of your support over the last 18 months this blog has been live. I appreciate every single one of my readers, your comments and advice always make my day. I would not be attending the biggest blogging conference this week without you. *bites what’s left of my nails* I look forward to coming back in two weeks with a refreshed mind, body & soul. In the meantime, sit back, and enjoy a few of my personal favorites. They will be posted at noon each day for the next two weeks… starting… today!


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