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Ultimate Blog Party 2012

It’s officially the middle of April… do you know what that means? 


That’s right, it may be raining & muggy outside – my hair is afrolicious – but why not celebrate spring with a couple of virtual parties? Starting with the 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party… I’m revealing a few random facts about me & my humble little blog to all of my readers: new & old. Do you have a blog? Link up!! 
  • I believe in embracing every moment, even the awful moments that require a little alcohol to uncover the comedy behind them.
  • My tagline: Sometimes, ya gotta put a little alcohol on it was inspired by an episode of Roseanne. I said it for years after seeing that episode. Once I had kids I realized it had a deeper meaning; when shit hits the fan, a little alcohol can and will numb the pain, stress & anxiety! 
  • I am a very stubborn passionate person. If I believe in something, it’s almost impossible to change my tune.
  • I love beer. Especially Michigan-made stout, porters & ales… oh my! 
  • I sing daily. I feel so alive and at peace with myself when I sing. Music is like air & water – I could not live without it.
  • I am a mediocre bass-guitarist and own 2 bass guitars; I wish I had time to actually play either one.
  • I also wish I was better at playing the piano, but I can plunk out notes when necessary. 
  • I love my 2 daughters more than life itself – the 60 hrs of labor and subsequent c-section with my oldest, Natalie and constant nausea/early contractions with my youngest, Sedona were worth it. No, really. 
  • I don’t believe I will have any more babies… which is equal parts depressing & relieving. 
  • I started this blog 2 years ago and can’t imagine my life without it. Writing provides me with a little dose of therapy + escape, which almost always = sanity. 
  • I dropped a gallon of milk in the check-out line at the grocery store and it exploded all over me while my young daughters ran in two different directions… screaming. Thank goodness I had beer on the conveyer-belt. 
  • If I could do it without dying of mercury poisoning or fear of falling deeper into debt, I’d eat oysters & sushi every day.
  • I nursed my oldest daughter Natalie for 2 months and had to stop because of thrush. I nursed my youngest daughter Sedona for nearly 2 years. She didn’t take a bottle until she was almost a year old, and I was surprisingly ok with that.
  • I *heart* yoga. Like my bass, I wish I had an extra hour in the day, &/or extra $$ in the bank so I could practice yoga on a regular basis in a studio. 
  • I was in a Clever Girls video last summer… with P!nk!  
  • I was born with fairly straight, blonde hair that got curly as I got older. 
  • I now have very curly hair that is naturally a mousy-light-brown. 
  • I have been dying my curly locks rocket-fire red for the last 2 years. I finally love my hair. 
  • I miss living in Tucson, AZ – especially the people, the mountains and the food.
  • I do love Grand Rapids, and feel that I am where I am meant to be right now. It’s a really fun place to raise my children.
  • I hate reality TV. I try to avoid it… but for some reason, I tend to get sucked into dancing stars and singing unknowns at some point during the season.
  • I do love fun sitcoms & soapy drama; I DVR shows like Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother, Parks & Rec, Modern Family, New Girl and Grey’s Anatomy so I can skip the commercials. 
  • I also DVR Days of Our Lives & Glee… so I can skip over the cheeseball moments (looking at you, John & Marlena!) If I end up watching a typical hour-long DVR’d episode like this, I can watch it in about 15 minutes. 
  • I can’t remember the last time I watched a musical without thinking about what role I could play… I wanted to be Eponine when I saw Les Mis as a Freshman in high school… and even before I saw Wicked, I became obsessed with nailing every one of Elphaba’s songs. 
  • I played the role of Kim in Bye Bye Birdie and met the hubs while playing the role of Louise in the musical Gypsy… while I was dating someone else. 
  • I am a loyal friend, but terrible at keeping in contact via phone. I love email, text & FB – all I can access from my iPhone and do one handed, with 2 screaming kids in the background. Not to mention start, stop & come back to it if I can.
  • I hate horror movies.
  • Since I became a Momma, I can’t stand watching anything (TV, movies, etc) where children are injured, killed, etc. 
  • However… The Hunger Games is among of my favorite books and movies! Go figure. 
  • I am the oldest of 4 girls and thought being a big sister was great preparation for motherhood: it wasn’t even in the same ballpark. I do love all of my sisters and feel grateful to have them in my life more & more as we get older.
  • I have 2 tattoos. I want more.
  • I’ll kick your ass at thumb wrestling. Yes, really. I’ve only lost twice. Challenge me, I dare ya.
  • We took our children to Disney World last month, and although it was more work than I had imagined, it was such an amazing trip, I blogged for a full week about it
  • My favorite seasons are fall & winter for many reasons: pretty leaves, crisp weather, yummy comfort food, cozy sweaters, football, fires, fun holidays, snow, skiing, sledding, sleigh-rides, pretty lights, etc, etc!!!
  • I grew up with parents who didn’t cook without using a microwave. 
  • I am a self-taught, pretty damn good cook, and I really enjoy it; cooking is like creating edible art. Very relaxing for me to do by myself at the end of a long day with the kiddos. Like hitting my personal reset button. Probably helps that I cook with a beer in hand. 
  • Once a month, sometimes more, sometimes less, I toast to Thirsty Thursday!! 
  • I am a green-environmentally-friendly-recycling-machine, but I draw the line at lighting. Florescent lighting is no one’s friend. 
  • I sing in a once/month Saturday church choir, which the hubs & I also use as a date-night. 
  • Once a year, I go to the opera with my cousin & Great-Aunt. This will be the first year we’re going without my Granni, as she is fighting through early stages of Alzheimer’s
  • My dad’s side of the family has a cottage on Lake Michigan that feels more like home than any home I’ve ever lived in. 
  • My biggest pet peeve? Gum chewing. Especially on TV, movies, stage, etc. If you are performing or in an interview or whatever… spit your gum out first. It’s not that hard. 
  • When I lived in Tucson, I worked for a music management company. We managed the band Cracker and I actually got to go bar hopping with David Lowery & Johnny Hickman. Felt very cool & yet awkwardly uncool all at once. 
  • I pee in the shower. #thereIsaidit
  • I’ve survived mono… twice. 
  • After surviving mono the first time, I lost 50 lbs in the following 8 months, and kept it mostly off.  Hey, Easter candy is a cruel mistress
  • My parents divorced last year… after nearly 35 years of marriage. 
  • I am an honest person and often question the motives of ass kissers. If you receive a compliment from me, it is genuinely from my heart. 
  • unfriended my mother on facebook… a decision that’s been validated countless times since. 
  • I feel so lucky to have married an incredible man who is an amazing father and most certainly my soul-mate. He shares my love of music & sense of humor, puts things in perspective when I’m overwhelmed, challenges me and loves me for the neurotic nut-case I can be – or maybe in spite of it. I can’t imagine life without the hubs. 
  • One of the greatest gifts a friend can do is stand up for me, no matter what. I hold those true friends who have in the past and will down the road in a special place in my heart.
  • I have a store where you can purchase all things beer & Momma related.
  • I am obsessed with love Pinterest.
  • I am a poor tweeter, but I’m getting better all the time. 
  • I am easier to connect with on facebook
  • And… the most shocking reveal EVAH: drumroll… I hate hangovers
Woohoo!! Now that I feel like I just walked through the halls of my high school naked, why not bring on another challenge? 

I’ll be hosting my very first Twitter party Thursday evening with a TON of prizes. All the info for Thursday’s Twitter Party can be found by following this handy-dandy link

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But wait, before you go… 

What’s the most revealing thing about YOU? 


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