Rock the vote

I don’t ask for much of you: my beautiful, supportive readers… but if you could spare a second or two to nominate my humble little blog for a Bloggie right here, I’d be ever so grateful! 
I’m eligible for best NEW blog, best Parenting blog, best Humorous blog, 
best Writing of a blog and best-kept-secret blog. 
You can only vote once/email address in the preliminary round, and then again for the finalists… if I even make it that far. Would kick ass to at least make it as a finalist, but I need your help! Make sure you verify your vote (simply click on the link in the email confirmation they send) so it will get counted. 
To thank you for your votes & awesome support, I’m giving you a sneak-preview, hint, what-have-you of my giveaway that will begin on Monday! Click here to see what the theme of the giveaway will be

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