Royal Baby = Cancer

simbalionNo no, not THAT kind of cancer, people. As in the Astrological, zodiac sign.

As the news of the Royal Baby poured in yesterday (unless you went on a media black-out, how could you avoid it?) and every news-source clamored for something to talk about other than the sex & weight — some journalists chose to discuss the baby’s zodiac sign. And why not? The baby was *nearly* a Leo. The little prince only missed that sign by a few hours.

However… what happened next was a bit of a head-scratcher.

Certain journalists started to ramble on about the Royals being elated the baby was born a Cancer and not a Leo… God forbid the future king be born a… Leo. Especially one that’s born in the Year of the Snake.

Really, people?

Should I be offended here?

Because I am a Leo, born in the Year of the Snake.

I am considered to be a natural leader, passionate, devoted & faithful, social & friendly, radiating energy wherever I go.

Leos born in the Year of the Snake have the Primal Zodiac sign of the Fox. And this description goes even deeper…

Those born under the sign of the Fox are elegant, charming, and impossible to ignore. Whether you love them or hate them, Foxes have a naturally ability to influence others without trying. Members of this sign are born leaders but are also extremely independent. They are wise and cunning, and don’t take risks until they have thoroughly evaluated the situation. Members of this sign have amazing intuition. Not only can they read social situations well, they also know exactly what other people want to hear. This is not to say that they are phony in any way. In fact, this is one of the most genuine signs you will ever meet. Rather, Foxes choose what to say and when to say it with great care. They never just blurt out what they are thinking except when they are around those they trust completely.

Again… thank GOODNESS the future king won’t carry any of *those* awful traits.

What the whaaaa?

Look, I get that in this age of needing up-to-the-second news 10 seconds ago, there are going to be a few moments of foot-in-mouth-syndrome here & there. Some reporters may not have the time to actually do their research before they say something [potentially offensive, uninformed & full of bullshit] to fill the time they are on the air.

But to alienate an entire zodiac sign — and not just any sun sign — LEOS?!

Do you know who you’re messing with?

Let me make a short list of famous Leos… because I’m not even remotely close to being the most famous Leo on this list.
Barack Obama
Neil Armstrong
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Lucy Ball
Amelia Earhart
Martha Stewart
Julia Child
Lynda Carter
Jennifer Lawrence (born in 1990? seriously?!)
Buddy Guy

And this is an EXTREMELY short list. Check out the full list of over 500 famous Leos here.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of famous Cancers too, including Princess Diana. So I get the connection. And if you were born a Cancer — I’m certainly not knocking that zodiac sign at all.

My point, and I do have one, is that we are all born when we are born, into the family we were born into, with unique DNA & genes… all of which we have zero control over. And when it comes to things we are born with, from zodiac signs to sexual orientation and everything in between — how about reporting the facts and moving on instead of assuming a certain party is grateful things didn’t happen another “potentially dreadful” way?

This royal baby didn’t choose to be born into the royal family, just like his father before him.

People have babies every day. Many of these babies will be cherished & celebrated, others may be born into poverty or with a disease they never asked for. It’s not always fair, but the media has gone a little overboard with their judgment & reporting virtual bullshit just to fill a void. And here I am writing a post about zodiac signs… 

I look back on those first few fuzzy weeks with my new babies, and all I wanted was to stare at this beautiful new creature I created & sleep. I didn’t care about much else. Well, maybe getting my hands on a good beer. I’m assuming Will & Kate are feeling similar feelings… and would likely appreciate a little down-time to enjoy their new little bundle of love.

Can someone please tell me how to ship a case of good beer to the new Royal Momma & Daddy? I’m sure they could use a few.

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