School Days Are A Special Occasion! {Review/Giveaway!}

By now, all of your school-aged children have started school, which left you in tears, &/or doing the happy dance. I don’t know about you, but after my first nap-free summer, I welcomed the back-to-school experience with loud music, and a good lunch-beer!

Although my oldest started last week, today is the first official day of school for my youngest… cue George Michael’s Freedom! So I’m celebrating with a giveaway!

Hallmark, the company who thrives on celebrating & embracing every moment life has to offer is helping me celebrate! Hallmark sent me a fantastic Back-to-School Package that included:

  • A pack of Hallmark’s Kids Collection greeting cards, which feature kid-appropriate topics from managing difficult academic or social situations, to achieving a personal goal in the classroom or on the field.
  • A few of Hallmark’s “any day” greeting cards for kids, featuring music sensation Justin Bieber.
  • Lunchbox Notes, which offer 50 ways to add a little love to lunchtime.
  • Bug’Em, a pint-sized plush that can hold cards and other tokens of encouragement and give an unexpected lift to any youngster’s day.
On Natalie’s first day of school last week, I surprised her with Bug’Em, stuffed a fun Lunchbox Note inside and awaited her reaction when I picked her up that afternoon. Natalie couldn’t stop smiling as she talked about the joy of finding “Honey-the-bee” in her backpack as she grabbed her Star-Wars lunchbox. 

Bug’Em is a fun little guy that can hold cards in his hands/legs as well as a special surprise inside of his “backpack”. Today, I put “Honey” into Sedona’s backpack, put an “I Love You” card in Honey’s claws and stuffed a candy bracelet inside his backpack. Sedona can’t read yet, but I am really looking forward to hearing her reaction when I pick her & Natalie up this afternoon. This adorable bee is fun for all ages!
I also truly enjoy having a pack full of Lunchbox notes on hand for Natalie’s daily lunch. Lunchbox notes are a sweet way to let your kids know you’re thinking of them. I also find it to be such a benefit to have creative ideas to work with instead of having to come up with more than writing I Love You on a boring piece of paper daily. Turns into a big time saver for this long-winded-not-a-morning-person-until-I-get-my-french-press-coffee-Momma. 

I want to make your life easier… and put a few smiles on your kids’ faces as well. Simply fill out your name & email address on the form below to enter to win Hallmark’s Back-to-School package!

Winner will be drawn via on Monday, September 12th. 


Disclosure: Hallmark provided the back-to-school package for myself & one winner. All opinions expressed on are your 2-year old’s favorite word: mine.  

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