Silver & Gold

Like most of the world, I’ve been caught up in Olympic fever! 

I’ve been soaking in events like gymnastics, swimming & beach volleyball (although, what happened to their bikinis?! Who, in their right mind wears PANTS to the beach?!) 

However, last night… I got my own panties in a twist over the continually disappointed Olympians when they receive a Silver or Bronze medal. 
Are you kidding me here? 

You are at the OLYMPICS
Competing against the best of the best in the WORLD
You won a flippin’ medal! At the OLYMPICS! Be proud!! Savor the moment! 
You could’ve came in 4th… and received shit. Or worse, have hundreds of cameras in your face while you ball your eyes out on international television because you came in 4th. 
Instead, not only are the “losers” who come in 2nd bitching about their “loss”, the commentators are practically endorsing the loss instead of celebrating their Silver or Bronze medal victory!
As a Momma who grew up in a “never-good-enough” home… this issue grates on my nerves. I was never celebrated for any big or little victory growing up. Now, mind you, I wasn’t a sporty gal. I was a choir & drama geek. 1st division rating at State-level Solo & Ensemble? Is that first place? No? Not good enough. Singing the National Anthem at commencements in front of thousands of my peers & their families? Eh. Earning lead-roles in musicals? The one show my mother would begrudgingly attend, she’d give me notes afterward on what I “screwed up.” Think Annette Benning in American Beauty… Need I go on? 
Because of the lack of support I grew up with, never being good enough is something I don’t want my children to endure. I still struggle with perfectionism!! But I can deal with it now. Thing is, I struggle with involving my children in anything competitive because of the not-good-enough fear. 
On the flip-side, I don’t want to get my children involved in a soccer-team that doesn’t keep score because “everyone’s a winner!” Please. Failure IS a part of life, and guess what? Failure can actually teach you more than winning can! Thing is — success & failure aren’t black & white. Neither is life. And no, I’m not going to throw out a Shades of Grey reference… 
The Olympics endorsing silver & bronze as failures is not doing anyone, young or old, any favors whatsoever. Sure, everyone dreams of being THE BEST. But, what about your best? 
The chances of actually participating in the Olympics are so low… hell, simply knowing someone that gets the opportunity to participate is a long-shot. Many athletes may only dream of attending, let alone competing.

Can we simply celebrate the incredible Olympic athletes around the world instead of judging them with a pass/fail grade?

I raise a pint of beer to each of them…

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