Standing in the Shower… Thinking.

When my oldest graduated from taking baths to showers last year, it was one of the easiest transitions ever. Natalie asked to take a shower one day, and she’s been showering ever since. Trust me, most of her transitions were not this effortless!! Case & point hereWe’re still working on her eye sensitivity to water in general (she freaks out at the thought of going under-water when swimming). But the girl has eyelashes to die for. I would say that’s about 75% of her sensitivity; pretty normal behavior for a 6 year old.

Last week, I went in to check on Natalie, mid-shower, and I caught her walking out, soaking wet, shampoo in her hair, about to drip into those beautiful eye-lashes. I asked her what she was doing, and she said Momma, I have to pee! NOW! So I told her the big secret.

You know it.

I know it.

We all do it, but it’s something no one talks about.

I took a deep breath & told her that if she ever had to pee while she was in the shower, to just go, and make sure she washes up afterward. Emphasized that everyone does it, but no one ever ever EVER talks about it. Except on blogs, of course. I also made sure to tell her that if she had to poop, to definitely get out of the shower for that, because that’s something we only do on the toilet.

A couple days later, we went swimming. As I hopped into the shower for a post-pool rinse, I grabbed Natalie to do the same. Water conservation! Ok, so more like Momma was lazy exhausted and didn’t feel like dealing with her bedtime shower an hour later. As I applied shampoo to her hair, I noticed the tub getting a little yellow and I immediately realized… omg… she was peeing all over me!! Instead of freaking out, laughing, or quoting Judge Judy, my instincts told me to remain calm so she didn’t get scarred for life. I reiterated that not only do we never ever talk about peeing in the shower, it’s something we only do alone. Never pee on people you love. Natalie was slightly embarrassed, but she quickly recovered and said Oh, okay Momma. I get it now. 

Oh the lessons we get to teach our children…

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