Summer Cocktail Fun!

Guest Post Summer ButtonIn honor of my birthday week, my last guest post of the summer will feature one of my favorite ingredients: Watermelon.

I don’t know what it is about watermelon, but I’ve always loved it. My mother claims she craved it throughout her pregnancy, but watermelon isn’t really in season here in Michigan until… NOW! Can you imagine those cravings? In 1977?? Yikes.

When you have a birthday in August, the celebrations vary from spectacular to low-key, but they tend to be spread out over a couple weeks. The one constant? Watermelon. I could probably eat an entire watermelon if given the opportunity. And I am partial to the SEEDED watermelon. The seedless are ok… but they are picked before the seeds develop, which means they lack the flavor of the seeded watermelons. Maybe that makes me a watermelon snob? Whatever, it’s my birthday, I do what I want.

So when my pal Alissa from Clever Compass responded to a VlogMom prompt of mine several weeks ago featuring a watermelon cocktail — I knew I had to share.

Alissa is an incredible vlogger & friend. Give her a subscribe while you enjoy this fantastic, short & sweet tutorial! CHEERS!

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