The Glad Game

Just as I started composing a post about how these last days of summer vacation are the worst… my kids are cranky, I’m cranky. We’re sick of each other! A few moments of happiness fell into my lap. If you have ever watched Pollyanna, you may remember The Glad Game. When things are really craptastic, you find something to be glad about.

The old me: the pessimistic-sarcastic-let’s-bitch-about-this chic found The Glad Game to be L-A-M-E.

But the new me gets it on multiple levels. I know for a fact that a good portion of my weight loss happened because of my positive attitude. The weight I carried wasn’t just physical, it was depression & sadness that I was burying under food.

The last several months, The Glad Game hasn’t been a game I’ve been leaping at the chance to play. My niece is still hanging on to life, and we still don’t know what tomorrow will bring. My sister & brother-in-law’s lives have been turned upside down… and my heart aches for them constantly. I’ve put on a few of the pounds I lost because of my anger & negativity about this really awful situation. It’s been a big challenge to see through this fog. But I’m getting there.

I woke up with 2 cranky kids again and the hubs had to be to work earlier than normal. Not cool. We ran errands this morning and my youngest screamed bloody murder for the first half of the morning. I needed a beer before I even got dressed today! What the hell did I have to be GLAD about?

Off the top of my head…

  • My oldest helping my youngest get her shoes on.
  • My youngest understanding that she needs to say please & thank you to the sample-server at the grocery store without prompting.
  • Both girls getting through the store without begging.
  • Realizing my 3 yr old actually sat in the cart at the grocery store the entire shopping trip!
  • Singing along to old-school Sesame Street songs with my girls on the way home from errand-running. 
  • Watching both girls clear their entire lunch plates!
  • The fact that even though I have an overwhelming amount of things to do… I have an overwhelming amount of things to do. I’m hardly a bored housewife by any stretch of the imagination, but being chosen to do certain projects feels good, even if I do feel like I’m a one-woman-juggling act right now… juggling isn’t a bad thing. The circus may be filled with freaks, but it’s a fun show! 

My favorite thing to be glad about?

The thing that changed my negative post into a positive one? My youngest… she pooped on the potty all by herself, and simply called me into the bathroom to show me. She’s been pretty much potty trained for over a month now, but I’ve still had to help her through each step, plus, knowing how regression can occur, I’ve been leery about telling anyone. I’ll share more about that whole process very soon. But for now, I’m simply going to bask in the glow of all that is positive in my life right now.

There’s so much to be thankful for, and even more to be happy about. Do what you can to find & embrace those positive moments in your world today. Sometimes the smallest things can turn even the worst day around.

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