The Joy of Duct-Tape

My 6 year-old’s kindergarten teacher loves science experiments. Last week, I got one of the weirdest permission slips I’ve ever seen, it was titled The Duct Tape Experiment.

The permission slip stated that my child has volunteered to be duct-taped to a wall by the 5th grade class in the name of science, where they were examining the properties of friction & gravity. When I talked to Natalie about it, she was very excited, hoping her name would be drawn. The kindergarten class drew one name from the boys & one name from the girls. Natalie came home Tuesday beaming with joy that her name was drawn!!

Sedona & I went for Natalie’s… um… hanging? at high-noon today. The 5th grade girls took over 30 min taping her to the wall while she stood on a stool.  There were about 30 girls chanting “Nat-a-lie! Nat-a-lie! Nat-a-lie!” at various moments throughout the taping… gotta admit, hearing my daughter’s name being chanted got me choked up. I know it’s a silly little science experiment, but I dare you to stand by without getting at least a tear in your eye when your somewhat shy daughter is being celebrated! And sure, the boys chanted Danny… but the girls were much more enthusiastic. #thereisaidit 

The boys completed their taping a little quicker than the girls, and when Danny’s stool was pulled out from under him, he did manage to stay hovering for the 5 minutes allotted. When Natalie’s stool was removed a few minutes after Danny’s, the girls erupted and an even bigger crowd gathered!

The last minute everyone was chanting Natalie again, until the last 10 seconds when we all counted down. Natalie also hovered for over 5 min, however, the girls used less tape, and WON! Natalie was elated, got high fives from everyone… it was very fun. But my little Sedona was disappointed she couldn’t have a turn to be duct taped too. Her exact quote I wanna be cwazy wike Natawee! MY turn! When do they tape ME to da wall?! And Sedona promptly threw a fit as we left. Oh… 3 year olds are fun. 

I gotta admit, I was a little nervous going into this experiment… especially after seeing Rihanna perform on the Today show this morning. Oh yeah… bondage… hmmm… But Natalie’s teacher is very easy going, and all of the kids participating were very respectful, making sure to ask Natalie & Danny how they were doing constantly. Little things like this really add up in my book and make me happy we chose the right school for our kids… Duct-Tape Experiments and all. 

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