The Power of We.

Today is Blog Action Day 2012. The topic? The Power of We.

I’ve truly learned what The Power of We could mean to not only me, but my loved ones this year. 
Over the last month, 3 people I know (2 family members, one friend) have endured chemotherapy, surgeries and a stem-cell transplant to kick their cancer to the curb. 
  • The Power of We: banding together through positivity, prayer, or whathaveyou to offer support, even over many miles. Maybe we can’t physically be there, or even afford to send flowers or gifts, but a quick email or a link to a funny video to help our loved ones through the difficult time can really mean a lot. 
Over the last month, I’ve had to let go of my Momma-guilt and send my kids to school & after-school care while I started a new job outside of the home. This has been positive for our entire family… but an adjustment. 
  • The Power of We: welcoming help & support from people we trust to take care of my children. It does take a village. Maybe I might do things differently, but giving our children the opportunity to interact with someone other than Momma for several hours/week will offer them a fresh perspective on daily life. The world doesn’t always revolve around them. 
Over the last year, I’ve said goodbye to a niece, and welcomed a new nephew into my world. 
  • The Power of We: recruiting the community through social media & beyond to send meals, breast-milk, donations, and other levels of support to my sister & her husband as they dealt with the tragic suffering & death of my niece. I don’t believe they would’ve survived such a tragedy without The Power of We. Not only did the community band together to support my sister & brother-in-law when they lost my niece, but that same community celebrated the birth of my healthy nephew. Proving The Power of We doesn’t always have to revolve around tragedy; that power goes much deeper. 
There are times when I feel like if I want something done a certain way, I should just do it myself instead of relying on others to help me. But, I’m nowhere near perfect, why should I demand perfection from others? The Great Balancing-Act of Parenthood is not possible without The Power of We. I am grateful for everyone who energizes The Power of We both online & off. 
The Power of We implies a strong sense of community. If you are reading this, and have offered some level of support, whether through a comment on my blog, a virtual hug, letter, card, phone call, email, hug, etc… know that I appreciate all of it. I hope to return the favor someday soon. 

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