The Power of Yes. The Power of No.

Nine months into the year and I’m already looking back on 2011, seeing meaning & many moments that taught me and helped me grow. I try to look forward and not to reflect too often, because I run the risk of feeling regret. I don’t like regret, worry or guilt. These feelings don’t have much of a purpose… other than causing angst & wrinkles. Who wants wrinkles? But I’m human. I’m a Momma. I worry, and that worry multiplies tenfold when you have kids. So where do you find that solace? That freedom of knowing you made the right decisions? I’ve found it by confidently saying the words Yes and No.

Think about it. When you say yes to an invitation, you are committing to it. When you say no, you likely have a good reason to, whether it’s responsibility, fear or a multitude of other reasons or, let’s face it, excuses. The word No is just as powerful as Yes.

And ya know what? Both of these words can have powerfully positive side-effects. Yes, even NO!

Sure, you may think the word No is negative, but sometimes telling someone No helps you to find some time for yourself, family, friends or the hubs. Telling your children No can keep them safe or teach them valuable lessons about responsibility. Then there’s saying No to an event you would love to do, but need to focus on saving money… that money you’re saving for something you ARE saying Yes to. Being responsible has it’s sucky moments, but when you think about it, sometimes Nos are just future-yeses in disguise.

I try to say Yes as often as I can, in fact, I do believe I’ve said Yes a little more often than No this year. But that’s a funny thing about the word Yes: it doesn’t come with a ton of regretful-baggage. Like saying Yes to a job you may not be prepared for; the feeling of accomplishment means more than any level of stress or regret as you learn how to balance it within your family-dynamic. Or saying Yes to a fun event — maybe an event you might struggle a little to afford… you make it work, and the event will likely be a fun experience that enriches your life & strengthens the relationships you share the event with. Saying Yes to a friend in need always tends to end on a positive note for me. It’s fairly rare for me to regret offering a hand or a shoulder to a friend. Or, my personal favorite — how about saying Yes to sex… even if you’re completely wiped out. I may not be the one with enough energy to initiate as often as I’d like, but I do try to say Yes when I am approached… and guess what? I never EVER regret having sex with the hubs! #thereisaidit

I do what I can to embrace the moment and soak in life and every opportunity that comes my way. My tenacious little niece is still fighting for her life, but she will be celebrating her 6-month birthday this week. A day we never thought we’d celebrate with her here on earth. Even at 6 months old, my niece has taught me that life is indeed short, and we need to say yes AND no sometimes… and discover the meaning & positive light in both.

How confidently do you at say Yes and No?

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