The Safety Net

Last week, my blog went down.

You just felt a chill, didn’t you? Having your website go down for any amount of time is a big fear of just about everyone who runs a website. 
I was attempting to renew my domain and all hell broke loose. It took 3 YES 3! days to get things back up & running again… and now… things still aren’t working the way I’d like. 

I suppose that’s life though.
Nothing ever turns out exactly the way you expect, does it? 
I try not to have too many expectations in life. Goals, yes… but expectations tend to lead to disappointment. 
Since I’ve had children, most of our plans are in pencil. It’s gotten easier to commit to more things as they’ve grown… but there still aren’t many things we commit to 100%. I’m not one to do things half-assed, though. So when we do give, say, 80-100% to something, I suppose our expectations go up. We spent this amount of money & dropped everything to do this, that, or another thing… it better be worth it! Let’s face it, that’s essentially setting yourself up for disaster! 
Think about how many expectations you’ve had for your blog, events… people. 

Last week, when my blog went down and I was too dumb to fix it myself… I had to rely on my safety-net in the form of the hubs to help get it back up & running. Made me realize how lucky I am to have a safety-net like the hubs who knows how to code and has the ability to talk in a language I don’t quite understand. Among many other talents, of course.
The hubs is an excellent safety-net… especially over the last few years, when I have learned that many of my other safety-nets have holes in them… or have disappeared altogether. 
Flying through life without a safety-net can be scary… but it can also teach you a level of strength you didn’t know you had, learning how to get from Point A to Point B without falling or at least without spilling your beer. 
I have learned not to expect much from people who may have disappointed me in the past. I have learned to adapt without them. Though I do occasionally envy my friends who have positive relationships with their immediate-family, especially those who live within 15 minutes of each other. That’s a safety-net I’ve never experienced. But one I have accepted and adapted to living without. 
In many cases, I’ve learned to rely on myself, and to embrace the moments I have when a safety-net, or in some cases, a life-preserver is thrown my way. It may still contain a hole or two, but I’ve adapted enough to survive with imperfect life-saving tools when necessary. 
I’ve learned who I can count on… even if that’s a short list of people these days. The thing is — this handful of people are a strong, beautiful set of friends & relatives who love me for ME, and want to help me & be there for me. No mountains of expectations, guilt-trips, or wondering how/when we’re going to repay them. That… is unconditional love. What a concept, huh? 
I know no one’s perfect. That goes for me, my blog, family, friendships and beyond. Sometimes it’s the beyond that gets ya. 
My imperfect blogspot blog is back up now… and guess what? I didn’t lose an ounce of content. My blog survived… and so will this writer, as I continue to walk through life with my head held high, beer in hand. 

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