The Upside of Ignoring Your Kids.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the hubs & I are performing our first gig in nearly a DECADE on Saturday for an American Cancer Society Benefit. 
And we’ve only had 2 weeks to prep.
Therefore, we’ve had to shift a few priorities. 
I’m doing my best to be present for my kids when I can… like at their dance recital this weekend. 
Seeing my little stars shine on the stage was a welcome break from the stress of polishing the Adele song I’m singing and playing bass on thankyouverymuch. *bitesnails*
But as soon as their recital ended, we left the girls with their grandmothers and went to practice for an hour before we went out to celebrate the birth of the hubs. 
It was a crazy busy weekend.
Sunday afternoon we left the girls upstairs to play together while the hubs & I locked ourselves in the basement to, well, play together for a few hours. Yes, hours. Sorry, but we can’t afford to get a baby-sitter every night this week just so we can practice. They know where we are if we are needed, and we can definitely hear when there’s a problem that requires a parental unit. 
The upside of ignoring our kids for a good portion of our practices? 
They are getting along surprisingly well. 
Both girls seem to understand that, like their dance performances on the stage… Momma & Daddy will be performing on a stage too, and we need to practice. 
Sure, they may be watching a little more TV than we’d usually allow, maybe even eating junk & destroying the house creating crafts… or whatever they get their grubby little hands on. 
However… I haven’t had to breakup many fights. This is a huge win in my book!
They even wanted to have a sister-sleepover on Saturday night… my oldest has bunkbeds in her room, but they both slept on the bottom-bunk, together. It was so sweet to see them snuggling up in that little twin-bed… and they slept through the night without a peep!! 

This experience of preparing to perform again has been a growth opportunity for my entire family. 
It is teaching our children…
  • Hey, Mom & Dad have a life too. 
  • The world does not revolve around them.
  • The importance of practice paying off.
  • Patience. 
  • Independence. 
  • How to work/play together, even if that involves compromising. 

All of the above are skills they will hopefully benefit from for the rest of their lives. 

Sure, it’s just a couple of weeks of a major balancing act that may be a little off-balance to some. 
But… that’s life. 
Who’s life is ever completely balanced? Seriously, if you have a perfectly balanced life with 2 (or more) little kids, please teach me how you do it!! 
All that being said… I’m scared shitless about performing on Saturday. 
I better go practice… 

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